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Gaming and Mudding Articles

This page links to gaming articles, with an emphasis on Alter Aeon and mudding in general. Some of these articles apply to other RPGs. You may also wish to check out our Muds and Mudding Resources page for off-site links and other sources of information.

New pages are added periodically, so check back later if you've already read everything.

Introduction to Muds

A Quick Overview, by Hatter
This is an introduction to the game and is designed to help you get started in your adventures in the world of Alter Aeon. The article explains how to navigate through the early stages of the game and reviews some commands that are useful for new players.

Common Mudding Clients, by Dentin
This article describes a number of the more common MUD clients, and gives links to where they can be found and downloaded.

A Glossary of Mudding Terms, by Smith
A glossary of MUD and Mudding terms that new players may be unfamiliar with.

Muds and Mudding FAQ
This article describes in basic terms what MUDs are and what Mudding is all about.

New Player Advice

Quest Walkthroughs, by Ilex, Dentin, and others.
These quest walkthroughs are primarily for new players, and give detailed instructions on how to find, start, and finish a number of the low level quests designed for new players.

Crafting 101, by Draak
The article is a how-to guide of all of the basic crafting skills.

How to Use Channels on Alter Aeon, by Lexie and Shadowfax
This article presents an overview of basic channel commands.

A Newbie's Guide to Everything Equipment, by Rhorae
The articles describes how to interpret the results of an identify, where to find good equipment, and a general guide about which equipment is right for which characters.

Selecting a Class, by Lexie
Lexie explains how to choose the primary class that is right for you. Advantages and disadvantages of each class are examined.

Aliases for Beginners, by Lexie
This article explains how to make use of in-game aliases. Example aliases are provided for study.

Successful Mudder Advice, by Subtle
Tongue-in-cheek advice provided by a self-proclaimed successful mudder. Some of it may be useful, but some of it may not.

Gold and Money - Where and How to Get It, by Morpheus
Gold is the currency of Alter Aeon, and finding a reliable source of it can be useful for buying equipment, paying clan dues, and trading with other players. This guide talks about some of the ways to find and get gold in the game.

An Overview of Quests and Deeds, by Morpheus
This overview describes quests on Alter Aeon, and gives some general tips and techniques for how to find, understand, and complete the many different types of available quests.

Player Styles and Character Types, by Firebird
This article was written some time in 1998, and has been slightly updated to better match current character types. Learn the basics of character types and styles here.

Making the Most of Regen Time, by Lexie
Sleeping to heal and regenerate mana is a necessary evil, but you can make it pay off by following some of the tips in this article. This also contains general tips on how to learn things about the game.

Words of Wisdom for New Players, by Morpheus
This article talks about the game from a new player perspective, and can help give new players an idea of what to expect as they advance and learn. It also offers advice on things to try and do to have a good time on the game.

Spell and Skill Information

Introduction to Healing in Groups, by Prisoner and Cagalli
This article describes what being a healer in a group means, how to improve your skills as a healer, and things to look for to help you keep your group alive.

Cleric Class Overview, by Shadowfax and Kagome
This is an overview of the skills and spells available to clerics and what their roles within the game generally are.

Defensive Spells, by Lexie
Lexie reviews the various defensive spells of Alter Aeon and their many uses.

Utility Spells for Druids, by Shadowfax
The article gives a review of the most common druid utility spells, along with a detailed description of the common (and uncommon) uses uses of each spell.

Druid Runecraft, by Shadowfax
An overview of the runic crafting skill tree is presented in this article.

Druid Salves and Tinctures, by Shadowfax
This article explains how to manufacture druid salves and tinctures and discusses how to use each one.

Thief Class Overview, by Dentin
An overview of the major specialized tools and skill groups available to thieves, and how thief play differs from more traditional melee combat or spellcasting classes.

The Cry of Battle, by Shadowfax
This article provides an overview of the warcries skill group for warriors.

The Black Art of Brewing Poisons, by Morpheus
This article by talks about poison brewing - what it is, how it's used, and how to do it safely. Advanced poisons and brewing antidotes is also discussed. Finding someone to teach you is another matter...

The Thieves' Creed - Stealth and Hiding, by Shadowfax
This article explains the various stealth skills, as well as how to use them effectively. Stealth is an important aspect of the thief class, allowing you to see the unseen and avoid being seen yourself.

Shadow Disciplines, by Shadowfax and Void
This article provides an overview of the shadow discipline thief skill group.

Learning Skills and Spells, by Shadowfax
A detailed article explaining how to learn and improve skills and spells.

A Comprehensive Guide to Spellcasting, by Shadowfax
Learn step by step how to cast any spell and general tips for improved spellcasting.

Ailments and Curses, by Morpheus
As a new player, you may find yourself afflicted with various curses or detrimental spells or effects. This article goes over some of the more common ailments and ways to work around or cure them.

Spellcasting For Newbies, by Dentin
This article gives an introduction on how to cast spells, including examples showing syntax, abbreviations, and how to discover the shortest abbreviations for a particular spell.

Utility Spells for Mages, by Dentin
This article gives an overview of the most common mage utility spells. A description of each spell as well as some of the more common (and uncommon) uses is given.

Utility Spells for Clerics, by Dentin
This article gives an overview of the most common cleric utility spells. A description of each spell as well as some of the more common (and uncommon) uses is given.

Utility Spells for Necromancers, by Dentin
This article gives an overview of the most common necromancer utility spells and skills. A description of each spell or skill, as well as some of the more common (and uncommon) uses is given.

The Art of Alchemy, by Boa
Want to learn how to brew potions and save on mana? This article goes the basics of potion brewing, what kinds of brewing components to look for, as well what to expect and how to brew safely.

Backstabbing, by Shadowfax
A solid discussion of the backstab skill, with information on how damage is calculated and strategies for successful in-game use.

A Cleric's Guide to the Undead, by Dentin
Cleric spells and skills used to combat the undead are discussed in detail in this article. Included are unusual tips and techniques involving the 'turn undead' skill.

Experience and Utility Spells, by Caesar
This article talks about the usefulness of utility and other general spells for running experience.

Intermediate Player Information

To Slay a Dragon, by Shadowfax
A concise article on the skills and strategies available to fighters to slay dragons.

Character Alignment, by Shadowfax
This article is an overview on how the alignment system functions in Alter Aeon. Discussed within are topics such as what alignment is, what alignment affects, how to change alignment, and which alignment may be best for you.

How to Use the In-game Text Editor, by Shadowfax
This is a comprehensive guide to learning to use the in-game text editor.

Differences Between Gods, by Shadowfax
This article describes the many differences between gods in Alter Aeon in detail.

Problemsolving, by Shadowfax
If you encounter errors in the game, this article will teach you how you can help to fix them.

The Group Hitter, by Shadowfax
This article describes the basic role of the group hitter, and it covers character and equipment strategies generally employed by hitters.

Group Etiquette, by Lexie
A guide to common etiquette among groups in Alter Aeon.

Saving Throws and Resistances, by Shadowfax
Information and tables regarding saving throws and how they work.

Experience Runs on Archais, by Dentin
This guide gives an excellent description of where to take mid-level groups on the Island of Archais. It doesn't go over all the areas on the island, but it gives enough information for a new player to get started.

So You Want to be a Player Killer..., by Firebird
This article was written some time in 1998, but even after all these years it remains largely relevant. Learn the basics of Alter Aeon PVP and player killing here.

How to Pick a God, by Lexie and Dentin
If you're wondering about the Gods of Alter Aeon and which one you should pick to follow, this guide is for you. It goes over the reasons why you might want to follow gods as well as giving information on things to look for.

A Field Guide to Leading Groups, by Lexie
This article from Lexie discusses how to lead groups and deal with some of the more common problems that inexperienced group leaders have.

How to Pick a Clan, by Lexie
Once you're established in the game, you might want to think about joining a clan. This article by Lexie describes how to go clan hunting and find a clan that works for you.

Advanced Strategy

Necromancer Solo Experience Advice, by Dentin
This article details one specific strategy for running experience as a solo-playing necromancer. The strategy combines combat with skill and spell usage to make full use of necromancer abilities.

Sorting Equipment with List Switches, by Locane
This article explains and demostrates usage of the game's search command and available arguments and switches.

Building Your Mana Regen Set, by Boa and Dentin
This article by Boa goes into detail on the best ways to find and build up a set of equipment for maximum mana regen. Spellcasters and even fighters may find this information useful in minimizing their downtime for healing.

Efficiently Managing Equipment, by Locane
This guide gives an overview of in-game aliases and variables, then uses that information to give detailed instructions on how to build variable equipment changing aliases. Examples included!

The Mechanics of Melee Combat, by Shadowfax and Dentin
One of the most comprehensive descriptions of melee combat available on the web. Target audience is very advanced players.

Time, Age, and Aging, by Shadowfax
Game time, character age, and how to change character age as well as the impacts of age are all discussed in this article.

Bots and Botting in Alter Aeon, by Dentin
This article by Dentin talks about bots - why they are allowed, what they are allowed to do, and how to build bots that can improve your character instead of wrecking it.

Equipment Class and Alignment Restrictions, by Morpheus
This article by Morpheus goes over alignment, class, and level restrictions on equipment - how each set of flags works, level cutoffs, and provides a lookup table for translating between total level and primary level class restrictions.

Creating an Effective Tank, by Shadowfax
This article by Shadowfax describes how to create, outfit, and use a tank character. Tanks are generally the core of combat operations in groups, and being a good tank can be a very rewarding choice.

One and Two Player Attack Strategies, by Dentin
This article by Dentin discusses a handful of attack strategies used by experienced players to attack creatures that are extremely powerful. Most of these strategies are for one or two players; group strategy is not discussed except in the context of a single assistant or minion helpers.

Starting A New Clan, by Ouch
This article by Ouch talks about clans and how to avoid common pitfalls new elders usually make when trying to start a new clan.

Equipment Optimization, by Dentin
What makes one character better than another? Why optimize your equipment and your character? This comprehensive article lists several different types of equipment sets and the uses and variants of each.

Other Information

2013 Year In Review by Athlon, by Athlon
The player Athlon gives his personal observations and overview of the major events in the world of Alter Aeon for the year 2013.

2013 Year In Review by Dentin, by Dentin
The god Dentin gives his personal observations and overview of what happened in the world of Alter Aeon in the year 2013.

130816 Interview with Dentin, by Lexie
A four part interview with Dentin covering a wide range of topics.

Alter Aeon Backstory Resources, by Dentin
A collection of pages which contain tidbits of information relevant to Alter Aeon's global history and backstory.

2012 Year In Review by Dentin, by Dentin
The god Dentin gives his personal observations and overview of what happened in the world of Alter Aeon in the year 2012.

Fifteen Years, by Shadowfax
This lengthy article describes the fifteen years of the history of Alter Aeon (1996-2011) from the point-of-view of longtime player/god Shadowfax.

2009 Year In Review by Dentin, by Dentin
The god Dentin gives his personal observations and overview of what happened in the world of Alter Aeon in the year 2009.

2009 Year In Review by Subtle, by Subtle
The player Subtle gives his personal observations and overview of what happened in the world of Alter Aeon in the year 2009.

091227 Interview with Dentin, by Ouch
This is the second interview with Dentin, done by the player Ouch. The topic is the 2009 year in review, and the interview is also in Issue 5 of the Ralnoth Times E-Zine.

The Ash Desert - A Love Story, by Draak
Draak talks about building the areas in and around the Ash Desert, which lies southeast of the Ash Mountain Range in the world of Alter Aeon. These areas have been in development for many years and have only recently opened.

Writing Quest Guides, by Dentin
Writing quest guides is hard: you want to give away as much information as you can, but still leave the player to do most of the work. This article will help you through that process as you write a quest guide.

Gold Balancing in MMOs, by Dentin
This article explains how gold is managed in the Alter Aeon economy, including some of the things that are tracked and how the offset controllers work.

081017 Interview with Dentin, by Ouch
This is a short interview with Dentin, done by the player Ouch and posted originally in issue 2 of the Ralnoth Times E-Zine.

Telnet Tips and Techniques, by Dentin
If you're stuck using telnet (Windows Telnet in particular) and you're having problems with it, the tips and tricks on this page may be able to help improve your mudding experience.

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