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This article was written by the god Morpheus, and posted on Dec 26, 08.
It was last updated by Shadowfax on May 23, 2014.

There's been a lot of confusion about alignment flags, class flags, and level requirements on equipment. This article goes over these things, and hopefully should give players a better idea of the types of equipment to look for. Each character is different, and knowing exactly what equipment works best with your character can make the game much more enjoyable.

For other articles on equipment, see our Guide to Equipment Optimization and Boa's article on Building an Effective Mana Regen Set.

Alignment and Equipment

The alignment of your character can have a big impact on the equipment you can use and will find most effective. Equipment can either reject characters with a particular alignment, or an item can simply be intrinsically evil or good by its very nature. Both types of equipment can be useful, but because of these alignment restrictions it is not possible to wear certain items simultaneously.
The five possible alignment flags for items are:
  • ANTIGOOD cannot be used by good aligned characters.
  • ANTIEVIL cannot be used by evil aligned characters.
  • ANTINEUTRAL cannot be used by neutral aligned characters.
  • An EVIL flag marks a piece of equipment as evil.
  • An GOOD flag marks a piece of equipment as good.
Alignment on items can be seen by identifying them. The identify spell will show you if any of the five alignment flags are present.

The ANTIGOOD, ANTIEVIL, and ANTINEUTRAL flags indicate that the item cannot be worn by a character with that alignment. If you try to wear an item that conflicts with your alignment, the item will zap you and refuse to be equipped.

The GOOD and EVIL flags are the reverse of this, and serve to give your character a good or evil taint. If you wear something flagged EVIL, any ANTIEVIL equipment you're using will zap you and fall off. The same applies with GOOD flagged equipment, which cannot be worn at the same time as ANTIGOOD equipment. Note wearing a piece of equipment with either of these flags will consume your alignment by a tiny amount while worn: a GOOD flagged item will lower your alignment, and an EVIL flagged item will raise it.

Note that a neutral aligned character can use a large variety of eq, including ANTIGOOD and ANTIEVIL equipment at the same time, so long that character doesn't wear any pieces flagged GOOD or EVIL. Example:

Suppose you are wearing several things that are ANTIGOOD and a few pieces that are ANTIEVIL. If you equip a new item that is flagged ANTIGOOD EVIL, all of your ANTIEVIL equipment will zap you and fall off.

Class and Level Restrictions

There are two types of level restrictions on equipment: either primary level based (for example requiring your highest level to be 30 or greater), or total level based (for example requiring your total number of levels to be 85 or greater.)

In total, there are six class restriction flags, for the six fundamental classes: MAGE, CLERIC, THIEF, WARRIOR, NECROMANCER, and DRUID. These class restriction flags have different effects based on whether an item requires primary or total levels.

Class restrictions are straightforward for primary level equipment: for each restricted class flag, you must be at least that level in the restricted class. On most items, you would only see one restricted class flag, but for some items there may be more than one. Good examples of this are paladin style equipment, which is often restricted to both CLERIC and WARRIOR classes.

Example 1:

An item is flagged as level 25 MAGE only. To wear it, your mage class must be at least level 25. A level 30 warrior with a mage class at level 24 could not use the item.

Example 2:

An item is flagged as level 20 CLERIC WARRIOR. To wear it, your cleric and warrior classes must both be at least level 20. A level 30 warrior with a cleric class at level 19 could not use the item.

For total level equipment, the situation is more complicated. The total level requirement is still there, but there are additional per-class requirements as well. Based on the total level requirement, you can figure out the per-class requirement by using the following table:

  • Total 5 requires class level 3
  • Total 10 requires class level 5
  • Total 15 requires class level 8
  • Total 20 requires class level 9
  • Total 25 requires class level 11
  • Total 30 requires class level 13
  • Total 40 requires class level 15
  • Total 50 requires class level 18
  • Total 60 requires class level 20
  • Total 70 requires class level 23
  • Total 80 requires class level 25
  • Total 90 requires class level 28
  • Total 100 requires class level 30
  • Total 110 requires class level 33
  • Total 120 requires class level 35
  • Total 130 requires class level 38
  • Total 140 requires class level 40
  • Total 150 requires class level 43
  • Total 160 requires class level 45

Example 3:

An item is flagged as total level 55, MAGE only. To wear it, you must have at least 55 total levels. Looking at the chart above, your mage class must also be at least level 18. A level 30 warrior with 100 total levels but a mage class at level 17 could not use the item.

Example 4:

An item is flagged as total level 105, THIEF WARRIOR. To wear it, you must have at least 105 total levels. Looking at the chart above, both your thief and warrior classes must also be at least level 31. A level 32 thief/warrior with only 104 total levels could not use the item, and a total level 110 player with only a level 30 thief class could also not use the item.

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