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External Gaming and Mudding Resources

Multi User Dungeons (MUDs) This extensive site has information on nearly anything you might want to know about MUDs and mudding.

7-128 Software
If you're looking for single player games designed for the blind and visually impaired, this site is a treasure trove. In addition to their own games, they have a list of their top 25 picks from other developers. The list is updated yearly and contains a lot of excellent resources.

Errant Dreams Roleplayers Resources
An incredible archive of articles and blog entries on roleplaying, RPGs, tabletop and specific game hints.

Richard Bartle's MUD Writings Archive
Includes links and short extracts from many old and obscure writings on mud-like games. There is some neat stuff here, but it may not appeal to most people.

Index of mudding resources (1997)
This rather old archive from 1997 has a number of interesting facts in it and even some archived mudlists from the time period. While not necessarily a useful document now, it is interesting from a historical perspective.

Mud Statistics - Live Data From Running Games
This site does nothing more than collect, sort, and display pretty graphs of data from various MUDs, MUSHes, MUCKs, and MOOs. You can see how many players on average each game has, as well as uptime and other statistics.

Various Links
This page links to various external search engines and archives. You may be able to find other games there.

External ESL/EFL Pages

ESL Partyland
This site has a lot of practical resources for both students and teachers, including games, teaching material, and practical quizzes.

The English Club
A clearinghouse for teachers, students or just english language afficionados. This is a very large, comprehensive site with something for everyone.

IE Hewitt's
This site lists a number of ESL resources, including games, teaching materials and other useful information for both students and teachers alike.

TEFL Games and Activities
This site has lots of ESL games, including material that can be printed and lesson plans for teachers.

English Asia TESL Games
A site with a large number of ESL games and an emphasis on east asia.

Flashcard Games
This site has a dozen or so flash-card based ESL games for students.

Board Games
Downloadable board games, requiring dice and chips to play. Great for getting players to communicate with each other.

TEFL Links and Categories
A list of a number of good ESL sites.

Miscellaneous Alter Aeon Related Pages

Alter Aeon at Wikipedia
This page has lots of history and other information about the game. It's mostly accurate, and is well taken care of by a handful of dedicated players. Note that Wikipedia's policies discourage the admin staff of the game from modifying the page.

The Ralnoth Times
The player Ouch maintains a large Alter Aeon website that hosts many articles, the Ralnoth Times e-zine, and lots of other useful information.

The Mob Factory
This is a development blog for Alter Aeon, run by one of the admin of AA.

Alter Aeon's Twitter Page
Get reboot notifications and news from Dentin via Alter Aeon's Twitter Feed.

Alter Aeon's Facebook Page
Add Alter Aeon as a friend on Facebook!

Mathayas' Alter Aeon Page
There is general information about Alter Aeon and tips on how to play at this page, maintained by the player Mathayas. He also maintains two of the blind-accessible client packages: GMud, and MonkeyTerm.

Alter Aeon's Myspace Page
If you still use MySpace, here's the official Alter Aeon page.

Cygnii's Player Photo Archive
Cygnii maintains a small archive of player and god photos here.

A Wanderer's Ramblings by Tarrant
A number of short stories, logs, and other information about Alter Aeon, including some material from the very early days of Ranko.

Player Killing Death Logs
This is a place where Alter Aeon players can post their favorite PK logs for the whole world to see.

Zhiun's Mushclient Page
The player Zhiun has put together an excellent Mushclient distribution, including sound files and interface files for screen readers. This client is used by a number of blind Alter Aeon players.

Dentin's Web Page
The boring personal website of Dentin, the creator of Alter Aeon.

Alter Aeon Talk
This is a minor talk blog run by a long-time Alter Aeon player.

Alter Aeon Event Log Feed
This is an XML document of Alter Aeon's event log created for Shadowfax's evil purposes.

The Draaks' Livejournal and the Alter Aeon Community
These webpages represent Alter Aeon's presence on LiveJournal.

Official Alter Aeon Pages

The Alter Aeon Wiki
The official Wiki for Alter Aeon.

Alter Aeon Voting Page
Links to various MUD and gaming sites where you can vote for Alter Aeon.

Alter Aeon Gaming Articles
Strategy guides, articles, and other information on making the most of your Alter Aeon (or any) mudding experience.

Alter Aeon Screenshots
Current screenshots of the Alter Aeon client.

Slamin's Help Site
Slamin was a high level player and builder for several years, and put together a small web site with tips and articles for players. A copy of his site can be found here, hosted on the main Alter Aeon web site.

Alter Aeon System Events and Mud-Wide Quests
Recent large-scale system events and quests.

Alter Aeon Trivia
A handful of minor pieces of trivia regarding Alter Aeon and its construction.

Oct 2008 Interview With Dentin
This short interview with Dentin covers a wide range of topics regarding how Alter Aeon was built and is maintained.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Landing Page
This is an AA landing page specifically for ESL educators or players.

Blind and Visually Impaired Landing Page
This is an AA landing page specifically for blind or visually impaired players.

Alter Aeon Banners and Propaganda
A page containing miscellaneous banners, descriptions, and other Alter Aeon imagery.

Western Mainland Overview (active document)
This page is an actively developed description of building and area development for the western portion of the Alter Aeon mainland. It may be inaccurate, describe things not yet created, and may be updated from time to time.

Web Developer's XML Interfaces
This page lists the various XML data interfaces available from the Alter Aeon game server.

Banished Lands - Alter Aeon's sister MUD

Banished Lands uses a similar codebase to Alter Aeon, but doesn't have as many of the recent changes. Some of the areas are the same, but in general Banished Lands is a very different MUD. If you're interested, check out the web site for Banished Lands here, or log in using telnet at: port 6000

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