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Blind and Visually Impaired Player Support

Alter Aeon is one of the most blind friendly multiplayer games on the web. Nearly all of our players are blind or visually impaired, and our dedicated staff is constantly on the lookout for trouble spots.

We highly recommend the Windows MUSH-Z client, which adds sounds, reduces the amount of typing needed, and works with many different screen readers. This client is used by most of the blind and visually impaired players on Alter Aeon. Click here to get it.

If you already have a mud client that you're happy with, the Alter Aeon address is port 3010.

The resources below include both downloads we host, as well as downloads and help from the large community of blind Alter Aeon players. Hopefully one of the clients listed below will work well with your computer and screen reader software. We hope to see you soon on Alter Aeon!

Microsoft Windows Downloads, Soundpacks, and Help

There are several different types of clients you can use to connect to Alter Aeon, but you may have to try more than one to find one that works well with your reader.

Some of our best support for the blind and visually impaired has come from our blind players. Here are links to some of our blind community sites, which host and maintain scripts and downloads.

  • MUSH-Z - The player Zhiun has put together this excellent soundpack for Mushclient, including scripts and interface files for screen readers. This client is used by over half of the blind players on Alter Aeon.

  • MonkeyTerm MTScripts - The player Mathayas has put together a set of scripts and sounds for MonkeyTerm, a commonly used client for blind players. This page includes downloads and custom scripting by blind players, for blind players.

  • GMUD - This link has downloads and soundpacks for GMud, a compact client that works well with some readers.

  • Nerdball's VIPMud Soundpack is a good choice if you already have the VIPMud client. This is a very large soundpack, so if you have a slow link, it might be faster to grab Dime's VIPMud Soundpack, which is another good choice for VIPMud users.

    If you don't have VIPMud, you can get it from the GMA Games web site. You can use it free for a 30 day trial period, but after the trial expires some of the features are disabled.

Other Windows Client Downloads

The clients we recommend for sighted players do not yet have good support for screen readers. We are working to improve support, but for now you might want to try our versions of the basic screen-reader compatible clients:

  • GMud (no soundpack)
    For this client to work well with your reader, you need to download and install scripts for it. You can download the GMud JAWS scripts from our server. We also have a special set of JAWS scripts used by the Alter Aeon builder Morpheus.

  • MonkeyTerm (no soundpack)
    MonkeyTerm is a GNU GPL'ed client that a number of Alter Aeon players use. It has support for nearly any feature, and a number of blind players use it because it's easy to script and filter. You can also obtain it from our server. We host a local mirror of the Windows executable and the GPL'ed source code.

  • JMC 3.5 (registration required, no soundpack)
    JMC is a general, advanced MUD client that can be used with Alter Aeon. It is intended for the power user who wants to write their own scripts; it supports unlimited player profiles, aliases, trigger actions with complex pattern matching, custom key assignments and macros, variables, speed walking, auto map generation, and much more. You can also get Jaws Scripts for JMC at

  • GMud32 (registration required, no soundpack)
    GMud is an older MUD client that can be used with Alter Aeon. This download is intended for the power user who wants to write their own scripts, and are familiar with mud client scripting. You can also get Jaws Scripts for GMud at

We are open for submissions of scripts and new clients. Please contact Dentin in-game if you would like to add a client to this page.

Apple Mac Support

Currently, the easiest option for playing the game on a Mac is to use the built in telnet program with VoiceOver. The simplest way to use telnet is to click on this link:

A more complicated, but much more powerful client for Apple Macs is Tintin. For help installing and using both Tintin and Telnet, please see our Apple Mac Visually Impaired Support page.

Ubuntu and Linux Support

For Ubuntu and other Linux systems, we recommend using either the default Linux Telnet client or the Tintin client from sourceforge. The reader Orca does a fair job of keeping up with messages for either client, and you should have no problems playing the game. For more information, please see our Ubuntu Linux Visually Impaired Support page.

Other Blind and Visually Impaired Sites

For blind and visually impaired players, our friends at e-bility have a list of other games besides Alter Aeon that are blind-friendly, including board games and puzzles.

The web site has a number of other downloads for the visually impaired which may be useful. You will need to log in to download anything.

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