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Why Donate?

Alter Aeon is free to play, but we're only able to stay running because of donations from our players! When you donate, you receive in-game credits, which you can use to buy conveniences and decorations for your characters. You can also trade with other players to get credits in-game, or share them with your friends.

To donate and get your credits, we accept credit cards, Paypal, checks, and money orders. The conversion rate is 100 credits per dollar, but for large donations you'll get a bit extra.

Once you have credits, you can use them to buy anything on the donation lists. For example, you could use 1000 credits to buy a ground string, or you could trade 1000 credits to another player, which the other player could use to buy a ground string.

For more information, see our FAQ - What can I buy with credits?

Every dollar helps! Thanks for supporting Alter Aeon!

Credit Cards

To donate using a credit card, use this donate link.

You might need to log in first, in order to get access to your account.

Using our secure login allows your donation to be processed instantly, and credits will be immediately added to your account.


Note: PayPal donations can take several days to be processed. To donate and get credits instantly, use our secure log in instead.

To donate using PayPal, use the following payment button:

Donate with Paypal

Sending a Custom Amount With Paypal

If you'd like to send an amount not listed above using Paypal, please send it to:
Please be sure to indicate your character name and what the payment is for. If there are any questions, Dentin will contact you before doing anything.

Donate With a Check or Money Order

Dentin has a tendency to move around a lot, so donating by mail is less than ideal. However, if you still wish to donate via check or money order, you can find Dentin's current address on the note that loads in the room with board 8.

In your mail, please give your character name and an email address, so we can make sure to find you and deliver your credits. You can also send a mudmail to Dentin or the admin email if there are any problems.

Thank you for your support!

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