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Alter Aeon Help - Master Page Index

Blind players - for connect help, please see our Blind and Visually Impaired Player Support page. The game is blind-friendly for the visually impaired, but finding a client that works well with your reader can be difficult.

For new players or those looking for an updated download:

Quick Client Download - AlterAeonLauncher.exe

Getting Connected
This guide can help you get connected and logged in.

Creating A New Character
If you're not sure what class to pick or how to create a character, this page is for you.

Commonly Used Commands
This page gives a quick overview of common commands and how to use them.

Help Quick Links

This page has a number of maps for the islands, mainland, and individual areas.

Quest Guides
Quest guides for new player quests. There is also a Master Quest List that shows all publicly known quests on the game.

Help Search
Search for and find help on nearly any topic.

Skills & Spells
A complete list of spells and skills available to players.

Shops & Stores
Go equipment hunting for your character! Here you can find items for sale in player shops, NPC shops, and even find free things in donation rooms.

Our selection of player and god-contributed articles can help players at all skill levels. There are articles for nearly all topics, with hints on general gameplay and use of specific skills or spells.

Other Help and Information

Web Forums
Take a look at what other players are talking about.

Game Rules
Detailed rules for the game. The basic idea is be polite, don't be a jerk, and report obvious problems to staff.

The Frequently Asked Questions list. Covers a wide range of topics from leveling and training to game donations.

A full list of open areas and area descriptions.

A list of the gods in the Alter Aeon Pantheon.

Here you can find all of the player-run clans and guilds on the game.

Miscellaneous Links

What is AA?
A short description of what Alter Aeon is, where it came from, and why.

A full list of all commands in the game, with hotlinks to help pages.

A full list of all socials in the game, with hotlinks to each.

Recent Changes
Want to know about recent updates? Find out here.

All Information
From this page, you can get to all of the server generated archives.

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