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Ubuntu Linux Blind and Visually Impaired Support

For Ubuntu and other Linux systems, we recommend using either the default Linux Telnet client or the Tintin client from sourceforge. The reader Orca does a fair job of keeping up with messages for either client, and you should have no problems playing the game.

Each of these clients is discussed below.

Using Telnet

The easiest way to connect and get playing is to use the default Linux Telnet client and Orca. You may be able to automatically connect simply by clicking on this link:

If the above link doesn't bring up telnet, you'll have to do it manually. To start, open a terminal window. If you are using Unity or the Gnome desktop, alt + control + T will launch a terminal. If not press alt + F2, type "gnome-terminal" into the run dialog, and press enter.

Now, you have a command prompt. Type in the command:

telnet 3010
This should start up the telnet program and connect it to Alter Aeon. If you have trouble with the name, you can also use:

telnet 3010
To review the text, use numpad+7 to read the prior line, numpad+9 to read the next line, or numpad+8 to read the current line. All of the normal Orca screen review commands should work here, so it's easy to go back and reread something if you missed it for some reason.

While the telnet client doesn't have support for sound effects, triggers, or other special features, it does allow you to connect from nearly anywhere.

This has been tested on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 with Orca 3.4.2.

Using Tintin

Tintin is a very customizable and useful client, and supports advanced scripting as well as audio file playout. Because Tintin uses standard terminal windows like telnet, it should work for pretty much any screen reader software.

There are two ways to install Tintin on linux, and easy way and a hard way.

Once you've installed Tintin, the next step is to install the scripts for it. You can get the scripts at the player Lilmike's GitHub site:

GitHub: Tintin-AlterAeon

The GitHub site has instructions for installing and configuring the package.

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