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Current implementation plan - 091113

The implementation plan is to build the south part of the road, the southern city, and Arcadia first. Arcadia is nearly done. The road is laid out but undescribed. The city is completely unfinished.

General layout

Going west from ralnoth, you eventually hit nemean. Going west from nemean, you eventually hit the Shii'lok mountains. If you go in a straight line, you have to cross a river and the vast plain of dinosaurs to do it.

Going slightly south and following the river without crossing it, you can get to the mountains and avoid the dino plains. There is a city about halfway to the mountains where you can pray and train.

This city is meant to be the central hub of the area. The mountains can house a large number of high level areas, while the dino plain should be an interesting large group exp zone. There's lots of space to put things southward as well. Details on this city in a later section.

Continuing west from the city, the road goes into the mountains and hits the barbarian keep. While not overly friendly, they generally allow free or nearly free passage and trade. Primary imports by the barbarians are necessities. Primary exports are minor gems and precious metals, and mercenaries or barbarian bodyguards.

North and south of the keep are the warring cities of Arcadia and Darcadia. West of the keep the mountains climb higher and higher, and in their cold depths is the land of the frost giants.

Going back to nemean, following the river north northwest leads to the ocean and a large double port city that straddles the river.

The dino plain extends only about halfway north to the ocean. A suitable barrier keeps the dinos from heading farther north. This could be a small strip of desert or even some artificial barrier. If necessary, we could just drop a line of thousand foot tall columns in the ground as a fence put there by the gods. We'll figure out the plot device later.

Southern city details

The city trades through the nemean fields with ralnoth, and with blackrock keep/arcadia/darcadia in the Shii'lok mountain. It also trades via boat, but this is expensive: the river is big enough to block most dinos and can handle large boats, but it's also large enough for dino sized creatures as well. Boats are periodically eaten unless they have strong caster support or other defenses.

The city should have all the necessities for making it a proper home for people. It should have a waypoint, a couple of priests (I would prefer unusual or defunct ones, such as bobcat), trainers up to oriental levels, a few shops and space for three or so player shops. The ports to the north of the city can connect to temporary river rooms that don't go anywhere - we'll build the river later.

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