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Alter Aeon Screenshots

These are all screenshots of the Official Alter Aeon client, with various settings enabled or disabled to demonstrate basic and advanced features. You can download the official client from our downloads page.

A nearly default configuration with channel window enabled and function key buttons displayed. The channel tabs allow for easy access to the chat channels in the game, while the function key buttons show how the function key macros are set up.

Embedded mode, with map and group window in the main window. Embedded mode is often used by players on small screens, where screen space is at a premium.

Default mode with function keys and stats window open. The official client has several automatically updating windows that can be used to monitor your character's health, stats, spells, and other information.

Default mode showing combat, a lot of open windows for monitoring status, and hint/movement buttons. The hint/movement buttons are excellent for new players, and help with navigation and understanding what commands are available at various points in the game.

Default mode with function keys and stats window open, different theme. There are many different color themes and combinations available, and the theme is saved on a per-character basis to help you tell your character sheets apart.

Embedded mode with stats, worn items, and spells windows open. If you like having all of your character information available to you at all times, the various popup windows make it easy.

Default mode showing a lot of open windows for monitoring stats, with hint and direction buttons disabled.

For older screenshots and the general screenshot archive, please see:

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