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This article was written by the god Morpheus, and posted on May 01, 2009.

This overview describes quests on Alter Aeon, and gives some general tips and techniques for how to find, understand, and complete the many different types of available quests.

You may also want to take a look at the Alter Aeon Quest Guides for detailed quest walkthroughs, as well as our less-detailed list of all publicly known Alter Aeon quests.

What Exactly are Quests?

From the general definition of the word 'quest':

  • In role playing games, including Alter Aeon, a quest is a task that a player-controlled character or group of characters may complete in order to gain a reward.

  • A test or an examination intended to measure or prove the player's knowledge, skills or aptitude.

In tales of old, kings would send suitors, knights or heroes on quests to prove their worthiness (or often just to get rid of them!) They may be commanded to rid the land of a dreaded beast, retrieve something vital needed to save the kingdom, or perhaps to find magical or precious objects, such as a sword or ring.

Churches have also sent those they deemed worthy on quests for lost religious icons, such as the Holy Grail.

Some quests may seem easy, but there are always challenges and obstacles along the way. These challenges are necessary, because as the player successfully overcomes them, they build up knowledge and determination.

In a quest, the search is often as important as the finding of the lost item, ridding of the dragon or defeating the evil wizard. Quests help you improve your skills, in turn, making you grow into a more confident and overall better player.

Some of the quests on Alter Aeon are as simple as killing the big bad monster, such as a dragon, demon or the like. Others may require you to talk to a king, a priest or some other person for instruction. Quests can also be very complex and cover a large swath of the game, taking several days to complete.

Finding and Completing Quests

Quests vary widely based on the area, type of quest, and your level. Nevertheless, here are a few tips and techniques that are common to most quests, and may help you if you get stuck.

  • Whenever you find yourself in a new place, use the 'quests' command to see if there are any quests available in the area.

    This command will show you nearby quests that other players have recently done, and is very useful for finding new quests. Note that as you complete some quests, it may open up avenues for other quests, so check the quest list after completing any quests.

    Most of the quests that appear on this list can be found nearby, but you may find a few that only start out in nearby and require you to travel elsewhere to complete them.

  • Use the 'quest list' command, and also 'talk' to creatures or people you find in new areas.

    A mobile, most commonly referred to as a mob, is a computer-controlled character, non-player character, or NPC. These mobs have been created to not only kill, but to give quests, hints and other valuable information. Some quests may require you to talk to a certain mob to start a quest. Other quests are only started if you accept them using the 'quest accept' command.

    Keep in mind there are many quests in Alter Aeon that must be explicitly started or accepted before they can be completed. Occasionally a player will get in a hurry and run through an area to complete a quest, only to find out that they must do it over again because they never accepted it.

  • 'look' at everything and everyone you come across.

    Hints can also be found in room, mob, or even object description. If you find yourself at a dead end, looking at a room description may give you hints of a hidden door, passage or the like. Other times a hint can be found in an item long description or by simply identifying the item. There are even other times that a hint can be found in the mobs description or their fight string.

  • Read the quest name and description carefully.

    Often times the name of the quest can give you the biggest hint of all. Let's say the quest name is "Found the kings lost ring." This gives you a hint that a king is involved, and gives you a possible avenue to explore or something to look for.

    Once a quest is accepted, there is usually other information that tells you how to proceed or what to look for. Reading this carefully can help as well.

  • See if there's a quest guide online.

    There are a number of detailed quest guides for the low level quests online. These can be found on the main Alter Aeon web site:

    Alter Aeon Quest Guides

    There is also a less detailed listing of all of the publicly known quests at the Alter Aeon Quest Listing page. This list has the estimated difficulty and level, as well as approximate geographic location for each quest.

  • If all else fails, ask for hints.

    Other players will generally give you hints and help in completing quests, but it's considered rude to ask for more than hints. It's a good idea to get as far as you can in the quest before asking for help.

    If you ask for someone to do an entire quest for you, you probably won't be treated well! Quests are supposed to be a learning experience for you to help improve your character and your game play.

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