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This article was written by the god Shadowfax, and posted on February 28, 2014. It was last updated December 23, 2014.

Druid Brewing Groups Overview

Druids are nothing if not master crafters, and among the tools of their trade are salves and tinctures.

Druid Salves

Salves are thick pastes created by mixing herbs and optional spellcomps and imbuing them with mana, giving the paste a magical effect. When applied topically, a salve imbues the user with the magic contained therein. The effects of salves cannot be dispelled or removed except by a 'clearskin' tincture or a 'suppression' spell.

The entry skill for this group is called 'brew salve'. This skill gives you access to the various 'brew salve' commands:

brew salve inventoryuse all items in your inventory
brew salve <object list>use only specific items
brew salve analyzefind brews using herbs in inventory
brew salve search <spell>search recipes for a given spell
brew salve show <recipe>show a given recipe
brew salve submit inventorysubmit the salve recipe
brew salve submit <object list>submit the salve recipe

To brew a salve, you must use at least three ingredients, at least two of which must be herbs. Any given herb combination will always result in the same magical effect. Spell components can change the level of the salve, but they do not affect the result.

Salve recipes are the same for all players. For a list of common and popular recipes, please see the Salves Recipe List.

It's possible to brew a salve without having learned the requisite salve skill, but knowing the salve skill vastly improves your chances of brewing it correctly. Those skills are as follows:

  • Draw poison - Poisons naturally wear off over time. This salve accelerates the process of reducing toxins in the body for the duration of the salve's effect. If the contamination of poisons is slow enough, it can actually halt or reverse the buildup of poisons entirely.

    Note that this does not provide Saving Poison or protect against becoming poisoned. For example, if you are struck by a poisoned weapon, you will take as much damage with the salve as you would without it, and you will be poisoned just as much.

  • Barkskin - This salve provides Saving Normal and extra protection against whip damage group weapons.

  • Stoneskin - This salve turns your skin gray and stone-like. It also provides Saving Normal, and it provides extra protections against slashing and piercing damage group weapons.

    Note that 'barkskin' and 'stoneskin' are mutually exclusive. You can use one or the other but not both concurrently.

  • Regeneration - This salve greatly increases your natural healing abilities. Both hitpoints and movement will regenerate much more quickly than normal until the salve wears off.

  • Reeking odor - This salve smells so bad that it dramatically lowers charisma. Note that this salve negates the effects of a 'cover scent' salve.

  • Cover scent - This salve disguises offensive smells, raising charisma a small amount. Where the salve really shines is with animals; it covers scents so thoroughly that many animals may not register you as a threat.

Druid Tinctures

Tinctures are thin, soupy infusions akin to tea imbued with a magical effect. To gain the benefit of this magic, one typically must imbibe it (except for 'defoliate', see below).

The entry skill for this brewing group is 'brew tincture'. Once you know this skill, you have access to the following commands:

brew tincture inventoryuse all items in your inventory
brew tincture <object list>use only specific items
brew tincture analyzefind brews using herbs in inventory

Tinctures are made with at least one herb and additional herbs and spell components. The essence of these is dissolved into a liquid and is combined with the magic of the brewer to bring out some magical effect. Most of the power of tincture is provided by the mana of the brewer, so no two druid's tincture recipes will be the same; however, using the same herb or herbs by the same druid always yields the same results. Like salves, spell components can change the level of the tincture but do not affect its results.

The possible tinctures that can be brewed as as follows:

  • Venomstop - Drinking this tincture will cause all effects of poison in the body to temporarily halt. Although you may still be poisoned, you will not suffer any of the detrimental effects, such as negative regen, of the poisons while the salve is active.

    It is possible to take on additional poison while under the influence of 'venomstop'. In order to counter this progression, you can use the 'draw poison' salve described earlier.

  • Sundrinker - When this tincture is drank, it gives the skin a green hue. While under the effect of this tincture, the drinker regenerates more quickly in the presence of sunlight.

  • Gills - This tincture imbues the drinker the ability to breathe underwater.

  • Clearskin - This tincture clears up the skin of the drinker of any magical or poison effects, good or ill. All salves and the effects of 'sundrinker', 'valor', 'rancid flesh', 'vulnerability', and 'itching skin' are removed.

  • Defoliate - Unlike other tinctures, which are usually drank, this one is used by pouring it on the ground. The vapors of the tincture strip away leaves from overhead vegetation. Its purpose to allow casters sufficient view of the sky to cast weather spells.

    This tincture can also be used offensively against plant type creatures.

  • Hawkeye - This allows the drinker sharp vision like that of hawk. While under the effect of 'hawkeye', one can see twice as far as usual when using the 'scan' command.

  • Trollsblut - The 'trollsblut' tincture gives the drinker increased strength and constituion.

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