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Telnet Client Tips and Tricks

Telnet is a very old protocol used in the beginning of the internet to allow users at one computer to connect to another computer. You can still use this old protocol to connect to Alter Aeon. The Alter Aeon telnet address is:

Alter Aeon Telnet Address: 3000

Telnet is installed by default on nearly all computers, so clicking on the above link should work on nearly any computer. Telnet programs vary widely though, and you may have problems with it. Here are some common problems, and some tips and tricks we've discovered that may help.

  • Problem - you can't see what you're typing

    If you can't see what you are typing after you log onto the game, try turning on 'Local Echo' in your telnet client. This is usually under the 'settings' or 'preferences' menu.

  • Problem - long lines are cut off

    If it looks like long lines are getting cut off, look for a setting like 'Line Wrap' or 'Wrap Lines Past 80 Characters'. This is also usually under the 'settings' or 'preferences' menu.

  • Problem - the game keeps scrolling when you try to type

    The best advice for this one is to just keep typing! The game has to keep scrolling, otherwise you could die in a fight and never know about it.

    To make things easier though, you can give yourself a typing bar using the 'window' command. The window command can give you different sizes of window if it is too small for your screen - see 'help window' in the game for information.

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