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This article was written by Dentin, and was posted on Nov 04, 2008.

High Level Attack Strategies

There are many ways to attack something, but for high level creatures with special abilities, you may need to be more creative than usual. This guide lists some of the ways that people have been able to approach high level problems, and hopefully will provide some insight into techniques to use for yourself.

Not everything in this guide can be done strictly solo. There are some techniques (such as the venerable backstab/summon) which require another person; a lot of players consider this a 'technical' solo, in that only minimal help is used, usually a friend in bot mode.

Before moving on to attack strategies, it's important to know any weaknesses your target may have, or conversely its strengths and resistances. Mobs may have any number of weaknesses, but some of them are harder to figure out than others. Some things to look for are:
  • Saving throws
  • Detect invisible
  • Infravision
  • Sense life
  • Armor class
  • Hitroll
  • Scavenger and wear flags
  • Defensive spells

Some of these are harder to determine than others, for example saving throws are notoriously difficult and often can only be learned through experimentation. A lot of information can be obtained quickly by casting identify on a creature, and the consider command can give you good hints about the armor and hitroll of your target.

Scavenger and wear flags can usually only be discovered by experimentation, and these flags are pretty rare. A 'scavenger' is a creature that automatically picks things up off the ground. This automatic behaviour can sometimes be used to attack the creature. A monster with a 'wear' flag is one that will automatically try to wear anything that it's given. This can also be used to attack the creature, typically by giving it items that weaken it when worn.

One quick and easy way to look for defensive spells is to use the 'detect magic' spell. Often if there is dispellable magic on the creature, you can make it substantially weaker by getting rid of it. Though this may be difficult, sometimes it provides one of the above advantages (for example, dispelling the creature's ability to see invisible things.)

As a final note, anything that prevents you from being immediately attacked is helpful, and for some creatures having a maximum charisma can be a lifesaver. While it may not prevent you from ultimately being attacked, every small delay gives you more time to get your strategy set up and in place unhindered.

On to the strategies!

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