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High Level Attack Strategies, Part 2

Attack / Summon

This style of attack is simple, but requires two people. The first player attacks with a high damage opening attack; immediately after the attack has landed, while the first player is still lagged or defending, the second player summons the first to a safe area.

The most popular attack of this type is 'backstab summon', where a high level thief backstabs the target and a high level mage summons the thief immediately after the backstab hits. Typically client triggers are used for this purpose to minimize the reaction time and the damage taken by the attacker.

Other types of attacks include the spells 'fireweb', 'cone of cold', and 'chain lightning', while fighters may use attacks such as 'leap' in lieu of the more powerful 'backstab'.

Attack / Flee

This is similar to Attack/Summon in that high damage opening attacks are used. However instead of being summoned to safety, flee or wimp is used instead. This allows the opening attack to be used repeatedly.

The down side of this style of attack is that you get hit far more than you would with the summon based version, requiring you to heal more often. The extra time it takes to heal may not be sufficient to overcome the regeneration of the mob.

Normally, this is less effective than simply continuing the fight, however it does have its place.

Attack / Defend

This two-person attack style is like a miniature group, however it is optimized for running away instead of winning every time. The defending player gets in full tank gear, using dodge, parry, armor, and any other defensive skills to take as little damage as possible while fighting. The attacking player goes the opposite direction, to do as much damage as possible without regard for defense.

The defending player goes in first, hopefully getting the monster's attention and starting the fight. The attacker comes in second and uses whatever means available to deal damage to the target while the target is occupied by the tank. When either the attacker or the defender run low on hitpoints or mana, both flee to heal and regenerate for another attempt.

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