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High Level Attack Strategies, Part 3


Golems, charmed creatures, and assisting followers all count in the wide category of strategies. Some minions can be given equipment and made more powerful; some will simply follow and assist, or may need to be ordered to assist. In either case, minions act to help you defeat your target.

The problem with minions is that they are stupid, and you're lucky if they even do what you order them to. Once a minion is lost, it does not magically reappear in recall with its equipment and a little less experience; you must replace it with another minion, or deal with the loss.

A good idea when working with minions is to be absolutely certain that you bring overwhelming force for the job. If you are attacking something very large that manages to survive your army of minions, odds are good that you won't stand a chance against it by yourself, even when it's hurt.

Special Mob Tanks

Occasionally, you may find low level monsters that have substantial resistances instead of weaknesses. By pairing up a low level creature with virtual immunity to a certain style of attack with a high level creature that exclusively uses that attack, you can keep the target occupied while you do damage via other means.

[Editor's note - while very uncommon, this has occasionally been put to good use. I have personally used this several times to kill Hephestus, twice with a level 26 character.]

Scavenger and Wear Flags

Something that builds upon the concept of special mob tanks is that of building your own special mob tank. Creatures with wear flags will often wear whatever they are given, and as a result can become virtually immune to certain types of attacks.

You may also be able to do this with charmed creatures, though generally charmed creatures are fairly low level and may take offense to being charmed when the spell wears off.

This is considered an advanced technique - be warned! Sometimes you may make your mob tank unkillable by yourself, and if the tank dies you may not be able to recover the equipment you gave to it before the corpse rots. Controlling your tank may also be difficult, or even impossible after you give it protective equipment.

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