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High Level Attack Strategies, Part 4

Scrolls, Wands, and Charged Items

An obvious way to do a lot of damage in a short period of time is to use charged items, such as scrolls, staves, and wands. By saving up a large number of charged items, you may be able to successfully attack something much bigger than yourself.

Normally when doing this, you want to get into protective or tank gear. Wands can only be used so long as you're still alive to hold them; against very large creatures, the amount of time you have to live can be quite limited.

One way to stay alive also involves charged items. A carefully used healing scroll or potion may give you the extra time you need.

Dark Fighting

With dark fighting, you find a way to become invisible to the target, then attack. This is usually only used on aggressive monsters, as there's not a lot of reason to sneak up on the unsuspecting. Becoming invisible can sometimes be done using just the invisibility spell, but for higher level monsters detect invisibility is quite common.

Something similar can be said for dark rooms and infravision, in that most high level monsters have at least partial night vision. To compensate for this, the 'darkness' spell can be cast on a room, immediately turning out the lights and blocking infravision for a short period of time. You may want to give your target a candle before casting the spell to ensure that you'll be able to see the target after the spell is cast.

Be careful though - creatures that can sense life can still find you in the dark, though it might take a little longer.

One extremely popular attack when dark fighting used to be the spell 'frost bite'. This spell takes quite a bit of time to set up and cast, and any attack while it is being cast tends to disrupt the spell. Recently, casting the spell it in the dark has become less effective, and the popularity of this method has decreased.

Closing Words

One common theme with many of these attack strategies is healing and regeneration. A lot of powerful creatures cannot be dispatched in a single run; for these, you must flee, recover, then try again. For this to work, it is critical that you be able to heal and do damage faster than your target can heal and do damage.

A critical component of regeneration is magic. With a good mana regen set, it's possible to heal over 200 hitpoints per tick. Warriors can typically get a little over half that without extensive use of magic, though that may be subject to change in the future.

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