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This article was written by the god Shadowfax, and posted on June 1, 2012.


There are some things that all gods do equally well. Worshipping a god -- any god -- gives you the ability to recall without hinderance and the ability to cast a few select cleric spells. There are other aspects where the gods differ, and that is what this article explains.

List of Benefits Where Gods Differ

  • Restores - Gods have the ability to restore players, instantaneously granting them full hp, mana and movement. Restores are sometimes initiated by the god himself, but more often than not it happens automatically from time to time, depending on a particular god's preferences.

  • God-level spells - Active deities often cast spells directly on their followers. A popular spell for this is bless, but a god can cast any spell they wish. God-level spells are often more powerful and longer lasting than any mortal casting.

  • Priests - Most gods are also builders and have designed their own priests, placing them stategically throughout the game. In addition to providing a means to convert to their god, priests often provide beneficial spells to followers of their god. For example, the Aztec missionary in Zin, a priest of the ice god Draak, casts ice shield on followers of Draak.

  • Holy Weapon - Many gods, especially the more active ones, have their own custom object for the 'holy weapon' cleric spell. These can vary wildly from one another. For example, the holy weapon of Mutt is the Fang of Mutt, a nonorm backstabber. My (Shadowfax's) holy weapon does fire blast damage which cannot be parried like whip and flail weapons.

  • Follower-only Quests - Certain quests can only be completed by followers of a particular god. They only appear on quest lists if you are a worshipper of that particular god. Follower-only quests only award favor and are primarily just for fun!

  • Waypoints - A few waypoints are only usable by followers of a certain god or gods.

  • Channels - Some channels can only be connected to if you are a follower of a the channel's patron god.

  • God Rooms - Very few rooms are only accessible to followers of a particular god. These are usually rooms for bulletin boards or special priests.

  • Comraderie - The social aspect of being part of a god's congregation can be very important to some. Some gods are active, while others haven't played in years. Some gods are amicable and love to chat with worshippers, while others are aloof and expect worshipful respect from their followers. One can usually gauge a god's personality by asking around and observing their behavior on public channels. Players can choose a god that fits their preferences.

  • Roleplaying - Some players find the portfolio of a god appealing. A deity such as Schlyne, who has not been active for quite some time, still attracts followers because she is the goddess of death, and her followers think that is pretty cool.


This article is an supplement to Lexie's How to Pick a God article.

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