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Alter Aeon Backstory Links

(Updated June 20, 2013 by Dentin.)

The following links and articles are intended to collect various backstory related links together in one place. This includes widely varied pages, including events, design documents, and player contributed resources. Not everything here is expected to be internally self consistent, but it should allow the studious to get a better picture of Alter Aeon history.

Design Documents - Canon

Alter Aeon Game Physics Q/A - written by Dentin
This design document attempts to describe details about the physical structure of the universe in which AA resides, and helps address a handful of questions about the nature of magic.

The Ash Desert - A Love Story - written by Draak
Draak talks about building the areas in and around the Ash Desert, which lies southeast of the Ash Mountain Range in the world of Alter Aeon. These areas have been in development for many years and have only recently opened.

Western Mainland Overview - written by Dentin
This page is an actively developed description of building and area development for the western portion of the Alter Aeon mainland. It may be inaccurate, describe things not yet created, and may be updated from time to time.

Plans and Portents
This story was accidentally written by Dentin while he was trying to come up with ideas for newbie quests on the island of Kordan.

The Impossible Wood Fountain
This story is based off of real people and a real event that happened in the 1997 timeframe.

System Events

Dec 29, 2008 - Will Christmas Be Saved?
A short scuffle between the gods of fire and ice.

Dec 21, 2009 - The Battle for Christmas
Another short scuffle between the gods of fire and ice.

Jan 15, 2010 - Alter Aeon 15th Anniversary
An old god, Kenai, shows up and causes problems for Dentin.

Jan 13-15, 2012 - Alter Aeon 17th Anniversary
Major backstory relevant to how planes and realms were built into the universe.

Jan 15-20, 2013 - Alter Aeon 18th Anniversary
Personal tours of several old areas with descriptions of design decisions and OOC history at the time. Also contains information on the 'Frost Demon Storm' event and the rediscovery of ancient ward spells.

Player Contributed

A Wanderer's Ramblings by Tarrant
A number of short stories, logs, and other information about Alter Aeon, including some material from the very early days of Ranko.

Alter Aeon Fan Fiction
These are contributed stories from a handful of players. Most describe the player's perspective at a given point in time.


The Alter Aeon Great Library
Various texts from the game itself which detail different aspects of the game world at different times.

Alter Aeon Trivia - written by Dentin.
A handful of minor pieces of trivia regarding Alter Aeon and its construction.

Historical Archive Page
Links to many old pages and player information, some of it relevant, most of it not.

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