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Alter Aeon Historical Archive

This page maintains links to older Alter Aeon related documents and pages. Nearly everything on this page is either out of date or inaccurate; some of it is educational and interesting, so we have attempted to preserve it here.

Social and Player Stuff

A Wanderer's Ramblings by Tarrant
A number of short stories, logs, and other information about Alter Aeon, including some material from the very early days of Ranko.

Slamin's Help Site
Slamin was a high level player and builder for several years, and put together a small web site with tips and articles for players. A copy of his site can be found here, hosted on the main Alter Aeon web site.

Scribe's Site
Player site run by Firebird for several years.

Alter Aeon Trivia
A handful of minor pieces of trivia regarding Alter Aeon and its construction.

50 Symptoms of playing Alter Aeon too long
by: Firebird
Humorous listing of reasons that you KNOW can only come from playing AA too long.

The Alter Aeon Drinking Game
Well, um.... the Alter Aeon Drinking game. Name says it all.

AA Rhapsody
by: Druid
Reworked lyrics to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Complete Guide to Newbies
by: Druid
Druid's in-depth look at the wonderful world of newbies.

Alter Aeon's 3rd Anniversery
by: Dentin
Dentin's post about the history of Alter Aeon.

Alter Aeon's 3rd Anniversery
by: Firebird
Here, Firebird recollects about discovering Alter Aeon.

Historical Documents

Ancient Text-Only Web Site
This is a very old copy of the Alter Aeon web site from around 1998.

Alter Aeon Feature List
A list of Alter Aeon features from several years ago.

Old Gods
A list of old gods from many years ago.

Old Players
A list of old players from many years ago.

The Hardware
A list of the machines Alter Aeon has run on over the years.

Character Remorting
Miscellaneous posts and rambling about remorting

Old MUD Additions
List of old changes made to AA. Good for reference.

Alter Aeon 1998 Zone Listing
A totally non-comprehensive list of Alter Aeon's old zones, circa 1998.

Dentin's 1999 TODO list
A bunch of ideas that were in the implementation queue several years ago. Some of these have already been implemented; others may be added into Alter Aeon in the future. Still others will never be added.

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