Alter Aeon

Alter Aeon is a multi-player online game, where players can play with or against each other in a huge world filled with challenges. It is free to play, and it isn't a crippled version designed to get you to buy something else later. All you need to start is a telnet client, a little bit of time, and a little bit of patience.

The game itself is a text adventure, and you must create and name a new character when you enter the game. You control your character by giving it commands, such as 'cast' to cast a spell, 'get' to pick up something, and 'look' to see what is around you. As your character advances and learns things, it will gain increased abilities, powers, and you may even make a few good friends.

There is a place for everyone here. The brave of heart can trek to the edges of world in search of fortune and fame, and sometimes bring home vast treasures. Those less confident in their abilities can remain in safer or more protected lands, or join up with others to reduce risk. Come test your mettle in the world of Alter Aeon!

Blind players, log in on port 3010 with the following link: port 3010

Other players - Our address is: port 3000, also port 3000

Getting Connected

Anyone can connect to the game with regular telnet, allowing people from across the world to play regardless of the speed or type of their computer. If you want a specialized client that has more features, we try to keep current a short list in our 'How To Connect section.

Microsoft Windows users - we have a custom client you can use to connect to the game right from your desktop! Just click on this link (AlterAeonLauncher.exe) to download it. Click on 'save to desktop' to give it an icon. The file should only take a few seconds to download.

The custom client is based on the popular PuTTY client. For PuTTY information and source code, see the PuTTY Home Page. PuTTY is an excellent telnet/ssh client that is freely available. Our version neither adds nor removes features, and only changes a handful of default settings.

For a listing of many other clients, try our How To Connect page.

Or, you can click on this link, which will try to connect to the game through your browser. If this doesn't work, you'll have to download a client and open a connection to on port 3000.

Getting Started

This section will give you some background information, guide you through creating your first character, and will show you how to control your new character.

General Help And Information

Links to various Alter Aeon help and information sites, and on-line help page search.

Current Game Statistics

Get current listings of what players are currently logged on, check out the clans that your character can join, get high level overviews of areas, and much more. You can also browse the help pages and FAQs to get a handle on the game itself.


Here you can read about some of the people involved with Alter Aeon. There are web pages for players, builders, gods, and even for Dentin. If you are a current player, post a note to Dentin to be added to this page.


Miscellaneous resources for Alter Aeon, as well as links about playing in general. Lots of good stuff for the intermediate player to chew on, and some pretty funny stories that will probably only make sense to the advanced player.

Banished Lands Page

The web page of our sister mud, Banished Lands. Banished uses an older and more stable version of DentinMud, v1.02+, and is a year younger than Alter Aeon. With similar features and game play between the two, players on one mud may also find the other enjoyable.

You can find Banished Lands at address: port 6000, also port 6000

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