What is Alter Aeon?

Alter Aeon is a type of game commonly called a 'MUD', or Multi-User Dimension. It is an on-line environment where many different people, from all over the world, can get together and interact in a huge virtual world. Think of it as being similar to multiplayer Quake, only without graphics and a much more rich environment. The lack of graphics may seem like a detriment, but Alter Aeon makes up for that with massive player interaction, a huge world to explore, and game play that can keep you entertained for months, even years. There are many people who have been playing on Alter Aeon for over 5 years!

When you start in the world of Alter Aeon, you must create a new 'character' who you will guide through the world on your adventures. Your character need not be anything like you, and it is even common for females in real life to play male characters, as well as the opposite. There are several ways you can build up a story around your character, such as its history, personality, appearance and skills, but you need not do this to play the game.

When you first start, you will find your character to be relatively weak and inexperienced. As you learn more and explore parts of the world, you may find trainers which can help you improve your character in many ways - from becoming stronger, to learning spellcasting arts or worshipping one of the many deities in the game. Over time, your character will be capable of exploring farther and farther from the main town of Ralnoth, and by grouping with others you may even glance at the things that lay ahead of you.

There is a lot more to Alter Aeon, but it is difficult to describe the game - you simply have to play it!

If you would like more information about muds and mudding in general, check out this very informative Introduction to Muds and Mudding.

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