How to Connect to Alter Aeon

This list is provided for people who would like to play the game, but who have really crummy clients (like windows telnet.) We tried to sort them so that the most common and useful clients were at the top of the list. There are many clients, so with any luck several of the those listed below will work for you. For those of you who are stuck with windows telnet, don't forget to turn on "local echo" and "line wrapping".

In reality, you will not need much more than telnet to play Alter Aeon effectively. The game has built support for aliases and command queueing, so anything with good ansi color (preferrably black background, white foreground) usually works fine.

TIP #1: If you can't see what you are typing after you log onto the game, you should turn on 'Local Echo' in your client. This option is usually found under the 'settings', 'preferences', or 'line discipline' menus.

TIP #2: If it looks like long lines are getting cut off, you should try turning on 'Line Wrapping' or 'Wrap Lines Past 80 Characters'. These options can usually be found under the 'settings' or 'preferences' menus.

And finally, if you have an IRC client, you might want to use our IRC gateway. Set your server to " 3001", and you will be able to log on with IRC!

Good luck, and whatever way you get connected, we hope to see you on Alter Aeon soon!

ZMud (Windows)

ZMud Mud Client
This is considered one of the best clients for Microsoft Windows based systems. It has autologin ability, aliases, automatic timers and triggers, overhead mapping, and most anything else you would want. It also knows our address by default, making it easy to find and connect to Alter Aeon.


PuTTy is not designed to be a game client, but since it has very good telnet and terminal support it is the preferred client of many players. It is a very small download (250 KB) and has built in SSH protocol support as well as telnet. If you are using windows, this program is a must-have for any kind of remote access.
Download from the PuTTY home page.
Download from our server.

Mud Master

Mud Master is a 32bit game client designed to run under Windows' console mode. The console mode is text based -- if you are looking for a graphical client with menus and a mouse-driven interface, MM isn't for you.
Anybody familiar with Tintin should have no trouble getting used to Mud Master. Most importantly, Mud Master is FREE. The client is not crippled in any way, nor does it nag you to register. If you find the program useful you are welcome to use it all you like.

A Java Telnet Applet

This applet is a fully featured telnet program that allows users to connect and login to remote hosts via Internet or Intranet using their WWW-Browser only. Not only does it include telnet compliant connection services, but also the ability to dynamically load additional Terminal Emulations and Modules.

CRT (Windows)

CRT is a generic Windows 95/98/NT based client that actually handles ANSI colors and other control codes properly. You can download and try it for 30 days for free before it expires and you have to download it again.

Tintin (Unix/Linux)

Tintin is a generic Unix based client that will pretty much compile and run on any Unix system on the planet. It features full aliasing and actions, speedwalking, timers, mapping, logging, and all the other crap you would expect to see in a unix-caliber utility.

Mud Mage (Windows)

Mud Mage is yet another gaming client that runs on the windows platform. It is shareware.

Mud Haven (Macintosh)

From their web page:
Mud Haven is a comprehensive, telenet-based, Macintosh client designed specifically for gaming. Some of the more prominent features designed to make game play easier include aliases, advanced triggers, macro keys, arrow key navigation, multiple connections, dual connections specially designed for multi-playing, user friendly easy-edit interface, multiple appearance options, and a variety of other shortcuts and automated tasks that give the advanced player a significant advantage.

MUD Client for Linux

mcl is a MUD Client for Unix. Under Linux, it uses the Virtual Console interfaces to access the screen at a high speed, but it can also run in a TTY mode, allowing it to run under any other UNIX and in an xterm. Embedded language support (currently Python and Perl) allows high tweakability.

Selim's Magic Mapper (All)

SMM is a MUD-client with mapping functionality, altough you don't need to use its mapping functionality. It is based on Tcl/Tk (another Tcl/Tk link) (tm) and therefore should run on Unix, Win and Mac systems. SMM was developed on a Linux System.

Stick in the Mud (Windows)

Stick in the MUD is a full-featured MUD client, which stores a list of the MUDs you frequent, with autologin, triggers (including sound triggers), aliases, and infinite scrollback. Text resizes to fit the window, and you can pick any number of rows or columns that pleases you. It has a scrolling speed that has been complimented as both fast and smooth, and automatically adjusts to your computer. You can even adjust it yourself if you like.

Firebolt Software (Windows)

Fire Client is a client that can be used to connect to normal muds as well as muds enhanced with the Interactive Mudding Protocol (IMP). It supports all the features you would expect in a modern gaming client.

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