Alter Aeon


Some of the features you'll find here at Alter Aeon. we offer a number of interesting features and skills not found together on any other single mud, and a number of exotic things for advanced players. For more complete and current information, check the changelog.

Driver Information

Alter Aeon is a Diku-like multiclass mud written entirely from scratch. It has a huge custom world of over 15000 rooms, with hundreds of areas to explore and puzzles to solve. With a healthy playerbase, there are always other players available, whether for help, competition, or just to talk with. The source code is not available to the public.

The Hardware

A description of the hardware and operating system used to run Alter Aeon at various points in time.

Miscellaneous Writings

A few miscellaneous writings from the inhabitants of Alter Aeon, including occasional to-do lists.

Mud Links

Links to some of the MUD-related gaming sites out there.

Banished Lands Page

The web page of our sister mud, Banished Lands. Banished Lands uses an older and more stable version of DentinMud, v0.98+.

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