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Will Christmas be Saved? - Dec 29, 2008

Jealous of Draak's popular and beloved wintertime holiday (and driven mad by incessant holiday music), Shadowfax attempted to steal all of the decorations and opened presents before the denizens of Alter Aeon put them up for the new year.

Leery of direct confrontation, both Shadowfax and Draak called upon their followers and the citizens of the realm to take up the cause: safely deliver all the Christmas trees, wreaths and presents to Draak's sleigh in Ralnoth, or throw them into the raging inferno in Shadowfax's temple in Zin.

Many players traversed the realm, for some capricious spirit or interloping god scattered the presents and decorations all across the world.

Many presents and decorations were saved, and many destroyed forever.

Locked in a stalement, the normally peaceable Elemental Brothers clothed in powerful manifestations of their respective elements. As two colossal elder elementals clashed in the heart of Ralnoth, many players looked on. Those that attempted to turn the tide of the battle were vanquished by by the errant strides of the mighty avatars. When the ice melted and the fires died down, the avatar of Draak stood victorious.

Christmas was safe.

Until next year...

Event Setup

The event was scheduled for 7 p.m. CST. Due to administrative issues, it actually started 7:30 p.m. CST.

Christmas presents, trees and wreaths were scattered around the mud. Players had a choice of either helping Shadowfax steal Christmas by bringing the items to the Temple of Zin to be burned, or to help Draak save Christmas by putting them in his sleigh in the Temple of Dentin.

The event wrapped up with a titanic battle of the avatars of Draak and Shadowfax, warring in central Ralnoth. Players assisted and even fought for their favorite. After an intense fight, Draak ultimately proved to be the winner.

At this time the quests were tallied. Draak had 45 quests compared to Shadowfax's 35. Draak won on both accounts, and so Christmas was declared to have been saved.

100 piles of 1k gold were also scattered. This wasn't was more of a 'secret Santa' type of thing.

Shadowfax gossips, 'curse you, Draak!'

The Christmas objects lasted about a day and a half, so players continued to collect items and win the deeds through the night and next morning. Ultimately, Draak's quests totalled less than Shadowfax's, but this is widely blamed on a conspiracy to discredit Draak's followers.

Quest Winners

Special mention goes to the player Watery for finding the first wreath.

People who helped save Christmas:

People who tried to destroy Christmas: (Note - Christmas was deemed saved at the end of the battle between avatars. After this, players were still allowed to do the various quests, and most of them chose to burn presents instead of saving them. Perhaps they had had enough of Christmas at that point.)

People who died valiantly (or not so valiantly) in the epic battle between avatars:

And a final thanks to everyone who participated!

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