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Posted by the god Dentin on Feb 01, 2011.

For help on spellcasting, see our article on Spellcasting Basics.

For a list of all necromancer spells, see Alter Aeon Necromancer Spells and Skills.

Basic Utility Spells and Skills for Necromancers

Utility spells are spells that are useful in the myriad unusual situations you may find yourself in. They may be passive spells that help protect you in combat, detection spells that show you hidden things, warning spells or even exploration tools. You may not need all of these, but having them will help your character greatly outside combat.

In the case of necromancers, there are several utility skills in addition to normal spells which should also be considered. Some of these spells and skills for Necromancers are:

  • Level 1 - clay man
    This spell creates a temporary minion that will rescue you and take damage for you. in dangerous places, your clay man may be able to buy you just enough time to escape.

  • Level 2 - dread portent
    This spell shows you clearly when a creature is about to die, and when the bonds between body and soul begin to weaken. This spell is often used for soulstealing creatures.

  • Level 10 - soulsteal
    This spell is used to steal the souls of creatures that are near death. While a bit gruesome, souls are the hard currency of the spirit and demon worlds, and are used in a great many necromancer rituals.

  • Level 15 - animate dead
    This spell is used to animate corpses, which will then follow you around. While this may not sound that useful, remember that many necromancer spells and skills use corpses. By releasing an animated corpse, you can use it for other purposes.

  • Level 17 - consult demon
    This skill summons a demon to ask for information. When faced with a lock, door, or item you need more information on, the scribes of the demon realm may be of assistance. For a price, of course.

  • Level 18 - free spirit
    This spell allows you to roam and explore without fear of death. It only lasts a short time, but it allows a necromancer to see nearby areas in safety.

  • Level 20 - rancid flesh
    This spell can be used to prevent your corpse from being eaten should you die, but more importantly it masks life signs. When affected by this, you will be nearly invisible to the sense life spell and creatures that hunt by smell.

  • Level 20 - bone prison
    This spell creates a short duration prison around the target, providing that the target isn't too big or powerful. While it is expensive and uses several teeth, it can temporarily wall away an enemy to give you a chance to regroup or retreat.

  • Level 22 - life tap
    This skill allows you to sacrifice your own blood in exchange for mana. If you run low on mana at a critical time and are as yet uninjured, life tap can give you a quick boost to make sure your spells still work.

  • Level 25 - ironblood
    This spell uses your life force to replenish your movement if it drops too low. The spell will not kill you, but it can be dangerous to use if you go through movement quickly. It can be used by necromancers when needing to cover vast distances quickly, without heed to health.

  • Level 32 - deathwalker
    This skill allows you to walk with the undead as though you were one of them. Many types of undead will not attack other undead, and while this skill will not protect you from all attackers, it can allow necromancers to safely go where other players dare not set foot.

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