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Posted by the god Dentin on Feb 01, 2011.

For help on spellcasting, see our article on Spellcasting Basics.

For a list of all mage spells, see Alter Aeon Mage Spells and Skills.

Basic Utility Spells for Mages

Utility spells are spells that are useful in the myriad unusual situations you may find yourself in. They may be passive spells that help protect you in combat, detection spells that show you hidden things, warning spells or even exploration tools. You may not need all of these, but having them will help your character greatly outside combat.

Some of these spells for Mages are:

  • Level 4 - crystal light
    This spell can be used to create light sources for yourself or others, but it can also be used when exploring to light up nearby areas. After casting the spell, throw the crystal in the direction you want to see.

  • Level 6 - strength
    This spell temporarily raises your strength, for either holding something heavy, opening a heavy door, reducing encumberance or boosting your fighter abilities.

  • Level 11 - shield
    This protective spell gives you a 30 point bonus to your armor class. It's almost always a good idea to have this spell up if you expect to be attacked.

  • Level 11 - chimes
    This spell is the ultimate warning spell. Cast it in a room you want to watch, and any creature that wanders in will cause the chimes to make noise. Usually, you cast the spell one room away from where you want to sleep, so you can hear approaching enemies and prepare.

  • Level 11 - infravision
    This spell allows you to see (somewhat) in the dark. Certain enemies are blind in darkness, and by using infravision in the darkness you may be able to avoid them completely.

  • Level 13 - knock
    This spell can be used to open simple locks, if you don't have a thief handy. It works on pretty much all types of locks, except for those that are magically warded to prevent picking.

  • Level 14 - lightning flash
    This spell is unusual, in that it has several effects. The most obvious effect is that the caster will be able to see for several rooms in every direction when the flash triggers. However, the bright light and noise tends to attract enemies - for this reason, the spell can also be used as a lure. It may also blind enemies for a short time, allowing the caster to escape.

  • Level 16 - detect invisibility
    This spell allows the caster to see magically invisible creatures and items. Unfortunately, it cannot detect or reveal normally hidden things, only those that are magically invisible.

  • Level 16 - fly
    This spell is more accurately called 'levitate', because it does not grant true flying. However, it is powerful enough for a player to stop falling, and it can also be used to evade certain combat techniques (such as trip) as well as fly over water. Flying characters generally require less movement as well.

  • Level 16 - darken
    This spell shrouds you in darkness, masking any light sources you may have. For players with heavily enchanted glowing equipment, darken provides a way to safely explore while using it. Darken may also be cast on a room, to temporarily blind creatures within.

  • Level 19 - waterbreathing
    This spell allows you to breathe underwater. You may still need to know swimming to travel quickly underwater, but with waterbreathing at least you won't die.

  • Level 20 - displacement
    This protective spell gives you a 40 point bonus to your armor class. It's almost always a good idea to have this spell up if you expect to be attacked.

  • Level 23 - invisibility
    This spell can turn a character or an item invisible. Things that are alive may still be detected with sense life, and things that are undead may still be detected with detect undead. And of course, detect invisibility will reveal all.

  • Level 25 - stone skin
    This spell affords you protection by hardening and strengthening your skin. At higher levels it becomes more powerful, and can reduce damage from melee attacks by a significant amount.

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