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This article was written by the player Lexie, and posted on April 25, 2011.
It was last updated by Shadowfax on May 23, 2014.

What Class Should I Choose?

There are at present six classes in the world of Alter Aeon. Each class has its own specific way of dealing with challenges, its own advantages, and its own disadvantages. To help new players answer the questions what is their best class choice, or alternatively, their best second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth class choice, the following is provided.


Warriors approach the world in terms of combat. Ninety-five percent of all warrior skills deal directly with combat. Warriors are often tanks or hitters. They are in direct combat with hostile mobs, and provide protection for weaker members of groups. Warriors should begin building a hit set and a tank set as soon as possible.

  • Best armor and weapons on game

  • Lots of attack options

  • Lots of hitpoints

  • Can deal out a lot of damage

  • Rescue, disarm, and tanking are all good sources of exp

  • Without a healer needs a lot of rest.

  • Without spells can be less effective against tough mobs

  • Unless a warrior collects weapons of various damage types (i.e. elemental types) basically does damage only in one way


Mages look at the game through the lens of their spells. What spell will hurt this mob or convince it to let one pass. Mages provide utility spells such as fly to their groups, and are the best equipped to deal with elemental attacks. Mages should begin building mana regen and cast level sets as soon as possible.

  • Most of the defensive spells in game: elemental shields (ground, fire and ice shield), shield, displacement, crystal coat

  • Vast majority of the high damage spells in game: fireweb, shard storm, ball lightning, cone of cold

  • Almost all of the utility spells in game: fly, waterbreathing, invisibility, locate object

  • The ability to brew potions that can mimic spells of other classes and even provide spells that no class has

  • Ability to deal damage in a variety of ways: through the elemental trees and the crystal tree for instance

  • Since the mage's primary attack and defense both depend on mana reserves the mage must have a good regen set and time to regen between fights

  • Mages have few hp, little armor, and are not suited to melee combat. It is advisable to have a warrior to take the hits.


Clerics are primarily concerned with healing, protecting, and transporting characters. They do boast some fighting ability and spells, but they are most often the healers of a group. Clerics should build a mana regen set as quickly as possible. A hit set or cast level set can come in handy as well, especially if the cleric has another class that can benefit from them.

  • All of the healing spells on game are clerical. Further, they have the power to refresh movement as well. No group is complete without a cleric.

  • Because clerics have more hp than mages and better armor, they can go longer between regen stops. Further they are good secondary fighters

  • Clerics boast a number of powerful spells such as sanctuary, turn undead, peace, and others that are not mimicked by abilities of other classes

  • Clerics can deal damage in a variety of ways though their spells tend to be more limited than mages. The cause wounds spells are important as can be spirit hammer which can take elemental damage types. Clerical curses are very powerful and can inflict grievous harm on enemies as well despite their short duration.

  • Like mages clerics do need regen to replenish their mana to allow them optimal performance

  • Clerics, though more durable than mages, do need protectors as a rule


Thieves approach the world in terms of gold and stealth. Most thief skills depend on stealth, acquisition, and underhanded ways to accomplish goals. They make good secondary hitters, and at high levels with the right poisons can avoid needing spells to a certain extent. Thieves should build hit sets early. A set for stealing that focuses on movement regen and charisma is also a good strategy.

  • Backstab. Arguably one of the most devastating attacks on game. A well-placed backstab can end a fight before it begins

  • Thieves have stealing skills such as pickpocket, shoplift, and steal that make getting items and money easier. With the right items, thieves can mimic the spells of casters

  • Brew poison. Thieves well-versed in the poison brewing skills can blind, confuse, poison, and otherwise distract mobs

  • Evasion and stealth. Thieves can pass through areas that others must fight through, and can avoid taking damage

  • Good melee combatant. Though their combat options are more limited than warriors, thieves make good secondary hitters

  • Shadow skills. These make use of a thief's mana and cover a wide variety of scenarios

  • Most thief gear is not as protective as warrior gear. Further, like warriors, thieves must collect weapons that inflict different damage types if they want to be able to deal with variously-resistant mobs

  • Without spells a thief has more trouble with tougher mobs. Poisons, especially choking cloud and poison cloud can compensate for this, but spells prove a hindrance

  • Without a healer a thief must rest and recuperate often


Necromancers view the world through the lens of their minions primarily. Necromancers can summon small armies of minions to do their bidding. Necromancers have some utility spells, and the ability to find spell comps useful for both theves and mages. A necromancer should build a mana regen set and a cast level set early.

  • Minions provide both the tanking abilities of warriors, and the hitting abilities of warriors, thieves, and clerics. A necromancer who has mana should never be unguarded

  • Demon summoning provides higher level necromancers with benefits in terms of protective granted abilities, taught spells, locations of keys to doors, and protective buffing spells

  • Necromancers have useful skills such as corpse cutter and blood sacrifice. They also have utility spells such as iron blood and life tap that provide aid to groups

  • Necromancers have a number of effective offensive spells, including a poison type spell

  • The necromancer must be attentive to not only his own status, but that of several minions. Further, certain types of minions drain mana from the necromancer. Finally, different minions have different advantages and disadvantages within game and it benefits the necromancer if they keep these facts in mind

  • While necromancers have more hp than mages, they are still not as durable as clerics, warriors, or thieves. Though they have more mana than warriors or thieves, they are not as robust mana-wise as mages or clerics

  • If a necromancer does not have minions, or mana to create more, they are in trouble. This forces the need to regenerate often

  • Without mage spells or cleric spells, necromancers cannot buff their own minions until higher levels


The druid class is primarily a caster class, using a number of unusual spells and skills to control the sky, earth, and animals. Druids are masters of rune magic, allowing them to craft and enchant. Druids can also use herbs to brew a number of useful tinctures and salves.

  • Druids have access to the broadest spectrum of damage types with both single-target and area effect versions, including breath damage, which other classes lack

  • A druid can buff and heal himself with salves and tinctures

  • Druids have skills and spells tailor-made for manipulating animals and plants

  • A druid can create his own powerful equipment using carving and enchanting skills

  • To be most effective, a druid requires a lot of preparation making salves and tinctures, collecting light and acorns and manipulating the weather prior to combat

  • Like necromancers, many druid spells require a lot of inventory management

What Class Should I Take Second?

A lot of this depends on personal preference. A person who likes spells and spellcasting should consider combining the four spellcasting classes. People who prefer front line combat should consider combining warrior, thief, and possibly cleric or druid. Those who enjoy the role of healer should consider cleric with druid or necromancer as a backup. People who like to solo should probably consider thief, necromancer, druid or mage. Any class choice can be rectified with time and work, and all class combinations have unique advantages and disadvantages. Until you are at maximum level in all classes, having all abilities for all classes is unlikely. Even then, you'll probably prefer certain skill sets over others. Finally, with the possible additions of new levels or classes, you might find something else to pursue at that point.

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