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Posted by the god Dentin on Feb 01, 2011.

For help on spellcasting, see our article on Spellcasting Basics.

For a list of all cleric spells, see Alter Aeon Cleric Spells and Skills.

Basic Utility Spells for Clerics

Utility spells are spells that are useful in the myriad unusual situations you may find yourself in. They may be passive spells that help protect you in combat, detection spells that show you hidden things, warning spells or even exploration tools. You may not need all of these, but having them will help your character greatly outside combat.

Some of these spells for Clerics are:

  • Levels 1 - 31 - cure light wounds, heal, breath of life
    What cleric would be complete without heal spells? These spells can help a little or a lot depending on what level you are and how much healing you need to do.

  • Level 2 - refresh
    This spell is used to restore movement points. If you're ever out of movement when something nasty is chasing you, you'll suddenly appreciate this spell.

  • Level 3 - armor
    This protective spell gives you a 20 point bonus to your armor class. It's almost always a good idea to have this spell up if you expect to be attacked.

  • Level 5 - faerie fire
    This spell lowers the armor of an enemy, but it also makes the enemy glow with a pink halo of light. This means you'll be able to better see your enemy in the dark, and the halo can still be seen even if the enemy is invisible.

  • Level 6 - faith shield
    This protective spell reduces damage that you take, by an amount approximately equal to your cleric level divided by two. Against monsters that hit slow and hard, this gives very little protection. But when used against swarms of smaller enemies, a good faith shield may absorb almost all of the damage.

  • Level 9 - sanctuary
    This protective spell reduces all damage by at least 25%. As the level of the sanctuary spell increases, the protectiveness increases as well, to a maximum of 50% for level 30 sanctuary spells. This spell is a staple for pretty much any kind of high level combat, and often means the difference between death and life when exploring.

  • Level 9 - remove curse
    This spell is used to remove curses from your character. For short term combat curses, it may be easier to simply let them wear off, but for long term curses such as famine, remove curse is the only viable option.

  • Level 10 - sense life
    This spell allows the caster to sense living things nearby. This can be useful when dealing with invisible or hidden creatures, and can reveal hiding places.

  • Level 11 - detect undead
    This spell allows the caster to sense undead. Undead have a very powerful and distinctive aura about them, and can often be sensed from some distance away.

  • Level 12 - remove poison
    This spell cures poisons of all types. If you are heavily poisoned, it's best to cure the poison as quickly as possible, before you become too weak to cast spells.

  • Level 13 - presence
    This spell temporarily raises your charisma, which can help you evade combat, boost morale skills, or even get better prices at shops and stores.

  • Level 17 - word of recall
    The recall command may not always work in combat, but with enough mana behind it the word of recall spell will. If you can successfully cast the spell, you'll find yourself safe at home regardless of what predicament you were in.

  • Level 18 - protection from evil
    This incredibly powerful spell is often overlooked. When fighting creatures that are evil, this spell can reduce damage by up to half. The more evil your attacker, the more powerful the spell becomes. The spell is cheap to cast and has a long duration.

  • Level 21 - resurrect
    This spell allows you to resurrect a fallen comrade. You may only resurrect group members, and you cannot resurrect yourself. The person you resurrect will regain some of their lost experience.

  • Level 32 - prayer for the dying
    This spell is a protective player that you may cast on others (but not on yourself.) When near death, a protected player has a chance to be whisked away to safety by the gods. Many a player has been saved by this spell, but there is no guarantee that the gods will intercede.

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