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This article was written by the god Shadowfax, and posted on October 12, 2013.

Dragons are among some of the most powerful creatures in Alter Aeon. Their presence and might in the realm are legendary. Over the years, traditions have arisen that are designed specifically to combat these deadly foes. Passed on from generation to generation, these techniques of battling dragonkind are tried and true.

High level warriors have access to the 'dragonbreath defense' and 'dragonslayer' skills. 'Dragonbane' is an advanced poison available to high level thieves. This article will provide an overview of these skills, starting with the prerequisite skill for 'dragonbreath defense': 'dragon lore'.

Dragon Lore

'Dragon lore' is a mid-level warrior skill. It will provide additional insight about a particular foe if they are a LIZARD type character when using the 'consider' command on them. Note that the opponent need not be an actual dragon for this skill to function. The skill is effective with a diverse number of reptilian creatures, including murlocks, dinosaurs, and nagas. The theory behind this is that all lizards share some ancestry and anatomy with dragonkind.

Dragonbreath Defense

Next, we will discuss the 'dragonbreath defense' skill. This skill will protect you from all kinds of dragonbreath attacks, even those originating from creatures that are not dragons. If you pass the lore check when considering a mob that uses a dragonbreath attack, you will see a message like:

Lux, the great Red Wyrm might breathe fire!

In order to take full advantage of this skill, you will need a shield that is at least two-thirds your size. For example, if you are 6 feet tall, you will need one that is at least 4 feet tall. Smaller shields will work with this skill but provide less protection. A good starter shield that is sufficient size and easy to obtain would be any of the tower shields used by some troopers in the Naginag Combine.

This is passive skill. You need only have the proper equipment available for it to function. You must be wearing or carrying the necessary shield in your inventory. You can also wield a one-handed weapon and hold a piece of equipment with the shield in your inventory, or you can wield a two-handed weapon and carry the shield in your inventory. (The latter option is, in fact, ideal for using in conjunction with the 'dragonslayer' skill, as discussed in the next section.)

The shield must be one that you can equip. If you are not high enough level or do not possess sufficient strength to equip the shield, it will not work with 'dragonbreath defense'.

Although a manablast might be considered to be a dragonbreath attack, 'dragonbreath defense' will not protect you from it.


'Dragonslayer' is an active combat skill that is invoked by using the 'lance' command, such as 'lance dragon'. In order to use this skill, you must be wielding a two-handed weapon with a damage type from the piercing group (pierce/stab/sting). A good starter lance would be the long white lance obtained from the Ice Dragon in the outer planar ice world.

To best take advantage of this skill, your weapon must be 8 feet long. Shorter weapons, with a minimum length of 5 feet, will work but will not be as effective. Ideally, since most dragons employ some sort of breath weapon, you should be carrying a shield in your inventory so you can utilize 'dragonbreath defense' and 'dragonslayer' simultaneously. Also, many lance weapons can also be used as backstabbers, affording a thief/warrior the opportunity to open with backstab and follow up with lance maneuvers using the same weapon.

Note that the target dragon must be at least 13 feet long to use this skill against it. Small dragonlike creatures, like cold drakes or jaculi, or the young of the larger breeds, simply aren't large enough to properly skewer.

If you are unsure whether your shield is suitable for 'dragonbreath defense' or your weapon is suitable for 'dragonslayer', try using the 'lance check' command while wearing or carrying the items in question. This command will tell you how effective your equipment would be.


'Dragonbane' is one of many kinds of poisons that can be brewed once a thief has learned the 'advanced poisons' skill. It is extremely effective at poisoning LIZARD type characters (which includes all dragons), conveying a dose of poison several times more potent than a normal poison brew.

A brewed poison such as dragonbane can be delivered either by pouring it from a liquid container onto the target or by bottling it and throwing the bottled poison at the target.

If you're new at brewing advanced poisons, try checking the Poison Brewing Recipe List and searching for a dragonbane recipe. Also see our article about brewing poisons.

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