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This article was written by the god Shadowfax, and posted on February 28, 2014.

For help on spellcasting, see our article on Spellcasting Basics.

For a list of all druid spells, see Alter Aeon Druid Spells and Skills.

This article primarily covers spells. For more specific articles covering druid skills, refer to the Druid Runecraft article and Druid Salves and Tinctures article.

Basic Utility Spells and Skills for Druids

Utility spells are spells that are useful in the myriad unusual situations you may find yourself in. They may be passive spells that help protect you in combat, detection spells that show you hidden things, warning spells or even exploration tools. You may not need all of these, but having them will help your character greatly outside combat.

  • earth wall
    The 'earth wall' spell summons a berm of dirt to serve as a barrier between you and your opponents. The wall will do its best to put itself between you and harm's way but may not always be successful. It require a small amount of mana to maintain and cannot leave the room that it was conjured in.

  • unnatural spring
    This spell brings forth a magical well. The water therein can be drank, and doing so will restore hitpoints and movement. You can also use it to summon a water weird, and it can be used as a counter to the 'famine' curse by providing a reliable source of water to drink until the curse ends.

  • control weather
    This spell allows the druid to nudge the weather a certain. It is most often used to prepare for an attack by summoning favorable weather for the weather combat spells you want to use in the upcoming fight.

  • shambling mound
    A shambling mound functions much like an earth wall, except that it has the added benefit of being able to leave its room of origin and follow the druid from place to place. A shambling mound does not have quite as many hit points as a earth wall of the same level, though.

  • squeaky floors
    This spell acts as an early warning system. After it is cast, any creature that steps into the room will trigger the alarm, which can be heard from very far away in many cases. The spell can be cast in multiple locations and is most often used to help protect a druid while he regenerates.

  • grow mushroom
    This spell conjures a small but highly nutritious mushroom that can be eaten to regain health. It can also be used to counter the 'famine' curse by providing food to eat until the curse ends.

  • poison mushroom
    This creates a highly poisonous mushrooms that you can use against your foes.

  • still air
    The 'still air' spell provides your character with protection against air, breath and wind based attacks.

  • windbreaker
    'Windbreaker' generates a counterwind that lowers the velocity of all air, breath and wind based attacks in the room where it is cast, regardless of source, which includes the caster and his allies.

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