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The Alter Aeon Mainland (Levels 25 and Higher)

Here you can find maps of the mainland of Alter Aeon, including rough sketches drawn by adventurers and maps created by the gods and Dentin for unknown purposes.

(Note - these maps unfortunately cannot be used by the blind and visually impaired. We are working on text based maps for use with readers.)

Mainland Continent Trade Route Maps

These maps of the mainland were assembled from various pieces of other maps over the years and has been painstakingly verified by members of the Ralnoth Merchant's Guild with the help of the Cartographers Guild.

The trade routes are geographically correct, but focus more on roads and rivers than general area layout. For clarity, only general regions and well known landmarks are labeled.

Alter Aeon Mainland Northwest Trade Route Map
Northwest Mainland
Alter Aeon Mainland Northern Trade Route Map
Northern Continent
Alter Aeon Mainland Northeast Trade Route Map
Northeast Mainland

Alter Aeon Mainland Western Trade Route Map
Western Mainland
Alter Aeon Mainland Central Trade Route Map
Central Mainland
Alter Aeon Mainland Eastern Trade Route Map
Eastern Mainland

Alter Aeon Mainland Southwest Trade Route Map
Southwest Mainland
Alter Aeon Mainland Southern Trade Route Map
Southern Mainland
Alter Aeon Mainland Southeast Trade Route Map
Southeast Mainland

For a huge, global trade route map containing all of these maps together, please see the next section, "World Maps".

World Maps - All Areas, Trade Routes, and Cities

Alter Aeon World Map
Smuggler's Worldmap
Alter Aeon Mainland Trade Route Large Map
Mainland Large Map
These maps were confiscated some time ago from a large smuggling ring based in Ralnoth. After being checked for accuracy by the local Cartographers Guild, they were eventually released to the public to put merchants on the same footing as the black market. These are the most extensive maps of the world known this side of the pantheon, but with each passing year they gradually become more and more out of date.

Maps From Private Collections

The following are pages from the exploration notes of the renowned explorer Woem. These hand drawn pages were given to the various guilds recently and have not yet been converted into more conventional forms. Additionally, some of the notes are cryptic, though users of the maps claim they are accurate.

Maps for the Northern part of the Alter Aeon Mainland:
Maps for the Eastern part of the Alter Aeon Mainland:
Maps for the Western part of the Alter Aeon Mainland:

ASCII Art Maps In-Game

A number of ASCII-art maps of various areas in the game are provided courtesy of the Alter Aeon Cartographers Guild. While lacking the detail of high resolution maps, they serve as a handy reference for some players. All of these maps are available for sale in-game from the Cartographers Guild in downtown Ralnoth.

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