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New Player Quest Guides - The Encampment

The first thing to do before you go on any of the quests is to explore the encampment and talk to all of the characters there. Whelan the Ancient gives the first two quests, but it is a good idea to explore and talk to the others. This gives you a better idea of what resources are here to help you.

After each of the quests you will receive not only experience points to improve your character, but also gold which can be used to buy goods and services.

There is also an important point of interest in the camp. South of the heavily guarded waypoint, in the tent of Sonja the healer, is a portal. This portal allows you to reach Vemarken. By entering the portal, going one east, then one south, then entering that portal, you have reached a second waypoint, the shrine of the Vemarken faithful.

If you wish, you can also pray inside the shrine in Vemarken. Once you do this, you may use the 'waypoint' command to move quickly between the shrine and the waypoint in the encampment.

Detailed quest guides:

  • The Carver Shaman (Recommended Level 1)

    The small encampment of survivors from Pellam is continually under siege by imps summoned from a nearby shaman. You must find and defeat the shaman to help the encampment survive!

  • The Sunlight Staff (Recommended Level 3)

    A small group of townspeople have holed up in an encampment waiting for reinforcements to allow them to return home. To aid in their defence, you must retrieve a powerful magic item from the enemy.

  • The Druid's Quests (Recommended Level 4)

    The old druid in the stony field could use some help, and may be able to teach you a thing or two. He also makes a mean pot of stew!

  • The Pellam Graveyard (Recommended Level 6)

    Undead have taken over the old Pellam graveyard! You've been asked to discover the reason behind it by Sonja, who seems to know more about the invaders than she lets on...

  • Cleared the Road to Pellam (Recommended Level 8)

    The kobold leader Uffspigot and his troops hold the pass between the encampment and the town of Pellam. If you can clear the way, perhaps the villagers can return home, if there is anything to return to.

  • The False Temple (Recommended Level 9)

    You find a mysterious slip of paper with a codeword on it, and there are rumors of a false Temple of Bobcat being set up by a group of suspicious looking priests. What could this temple have to do with the invasion of Pellam, and who is the mastermind behind the attacks?

New Player Quest Guides - Vemarken

Quests near and in the city of Vemarken:

More quest guides for the city of Vemarken and the Island of Kordan are in progress. Check back later for updates!

Other Quest Information

For a complete list of all the publicly known quests on the game, see the Alter Aeon Quest List. This page only lists the quests, and does not provide walkthroughs.

If you'd like to submit your own quests guides to add to this list, you may want to read our article on How to Write Good Quest Guides. You can submit new quest guides by mailing them to Dentin at

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