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The Druid Quests

This quest guide was written by the player Ilex, and posted on March 18, 2009.

The recommended minimum level for this quest is level 4.

Quest Description

Waypoint in the Stony Field
You may start on the druid quests at any time, but a good time to do it is after completing the Sunlight Staff quest, but before you start the Graveyard Vampiress quest. The graveyard quest is fairly difficult, and completing the druid quests will give you more tools with which to confront the Vampiress.

You'll find the druid inside his underground tree home in the southwest corner of the stony field. He will give you a few small errands to run, and can train you in a couple of ranger skills to complete those errands. When you are done, he will give you a small statue which summons a mountain lion to fight by your side for a short period of time.


You must not kill any of the creatures you find in the druid's protected forest. If you do, you will be unable to complete any of the remaining druid quests. Fish caught when fishing don't count.

Be sure you have at least one practice left over so you can learn one of the ranger skills the druid teaches.

Don't summon the lion inside the druid's home or in the encampment. The lion will stay with the druid if you do, or may be killed by the people in the encampment. The best place to summon it is immediately after leaving the druid's tree.

Completing the Quest

In the Druid's Forest
To reach the druid, leave from the waypoint in the encampment. Head east to the rocky outcropping, then go south once, then head east again. You may meet a rusty golem guarding the way to the stony field; if it blocks your way, destroy it and continue east.

Immediately when you enter the stony field, you should find yourself at a large waypoint with a cache of food. Make sure to 'pray' at this waypoint; once you have prayed, you can use the 'waypoint' command to move quickly from the stony field to the encampment, avoiding all of the imps to the west.

To get to the druid, head south from the large waypoint in the stony field. At the southwestern corner of the field, you'll come to a half-rotted fir tree. Enter the tree, and you'll be inside the druid's home. Talk to the druid, and he will give you your first quest.

The first druid quest is to gather some food and take it to a sleeping bear. To do this you'll need to know either the forage skill or the fishing skill. The druid teaches both, and you can take one of his fishing poles if you wish. After learning the skill of your choice, leave the tree and type 'enter crack' to go into the druid's protected forest.

Once in the forest, if you head south and then southeast and then south you'll find yourself near a stream. Use the 'fish' command if you learned the fishing skill. If you learned foraging instead, simply wander around the area and use the 'forage' command until you find something edible.

After you have food, enter the cave in the southwest part of the forest, and give whatever food you found or caught to the bear. This completes the first druid quest. Return to the druid and talk to him again.

For the second druid quest, he will ask you to go back into the protected forest and search for some peppergrass leaves. The leaves can be found in several spots, so just 'search' and 'get peppergrass' until you find some. Then return to the druid and give him the leaves. This completes the second druid quest.

When you have finished both quests, the druid will give you a small wooden idol that summons a mountain lion for a few minutes. Only use the idol after leaving the fir tree; don't use it inside the tree, or the mountain lion will stay with the druid. Leave the tree first, then use it.

Optional Side Quest

After completing the druid quests and summoning the lion outside his tree, you may want to see the lion in action. There is a small carver camp to the east of the tree, and the lion will help you make short work of it.

The imps in this camp are dirty, nasty things, and you may find yourself slightly sick or poisoned after fighting them. This will wear off fairly quickly, but if you find yourself losing hitpoints because of it you can either sleep it off or return to the druid to buy cure spells.

Things to Consider

Fishing gives you more experience than foraging in the long run. Foraging and fishing both give some amount of experience, but fishing is an activity you can perform while resting and recouping mana and hp.

Do not kill any animals in the clearing or you cannot complete these two quests (although you do get an evil quest for doing so).

The mountain lion is a good fighter and a strong ally, but it cannot use waypoints or recall with you. You can leave it at the stony field waypoint or the cemetary waypoint when you return to the encampment for supplies, and it should be there when you return. The lion also will not enter the cemetary crypts, so it cannot aid you there.

If you find yourself on the Road to Pellam, you've gone too far south and east. You probably don't want to go down this road until you've completed the vampiress quest; the kobold camp blocking the way to Pellam requires quite a few levels to get through safely.

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