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Press Releases and News

Alter Aeon RPG contributes to the new opera, Die Taktik
Portland, Oregon -- June 22, 2012 -- Gameplay sessions from the Alter Aeon MORPG were contributed and incorporated into to the modern opera, "Die Taktik", perfomed during the month of June, 2012 by Oper Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany. This artistic endeavor is another sign of Alter Aeon's international reach and appeal.

The Alter Aeon RPG comes to the Apple Mac App Store
Louisville, Kentucky -- November 8, 2011 -- An official client for the classic text-based MMORPG Alter Aeon is now available in the Apple Mac App Store! This client sets a new standard for real-time text based gaming, with graphical maps and other GUI support in addition to the traditional command based interface.

2011 Cleric Update on Alter Aeon MUD
Louisville, Kentucky -- September 17, 2011 -- The long awaited 'Cleric Update' to the classic text-based MMO Alter Aeon has been officially released! This update addresses a number of balance and utility issues in the cleric class, in addition to adding new spells and skills for all types of spellcasters.

Thieves and rogues get new skills on Alter Aeon
Louisville, Kentucky -- July 26, 2011 -- The world of Alter Aeon announces a major update to the Thief class! Several months in the making, this update enhances older skills and adds entire new skill trees to this classic style of play.

Summer expansion to the classic online RPG MUD, Alter Aeon
Louisville, Kentucky -- June 22, 2011 -- Independent game developer Dentinmud Internet Services announces a summertime expansion to its classic text-based game Alter Aeon. This expansion raises the maximum player level to 35 and adds new spells and skills to each of the available character classes. In addition, the official Alter Aeon client now includes native audio support, bringing a new level of immersion to the game.

Alter Aeon Area Expansion - The Naginag Combine
Louisville, Kentucky -- April 09, 2011 -- The worldbuilders at Alter Aeon are pleased to announce the opening of a major addition to the southeast portion of the mainland. The lead builders, Shadowfax and Draak, have spent a number of years constructing the Naginag Combine and its surrounding areas; this addition extends those areas and completes a number of pre-existing storylines.

Alter Aeon 16th Anniversary
Louisville, Kentucky -- January 15, 2011 -- Alter Aeon is officially 16 years old this weekend, and a number of events have been planned to celebrate!

Christmas Events and Updates to the Online RPG Alter Aeon
Louisville, Kentucky -- December 25, 2010 -- Alter Aeon announces a game expansion to celebrate the holidays, with gifts for existing players and new spells and skills for all comers. In total, there are 12 new never-seen-before spells and skills, as well as a number of other additions including explorer points and achievements. The staff will also be running occasional events for the next few days. Players should check the in-game board system for details.

Major expansion to the classic online RPG MUD, Alter Aeon
Louisville, Kentucky -- November 8, 2010 -- The world of Alter Aeon and its developer, Dentinmud Internet Services, announces a major expansion to its flagship game designed for the blind and sighted, Alter Aeon. By adding new features such as undead armies and demon summoning, the new Necromancer class dramatically expands the options and abilities available to players.

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All of these Alter Aeon client downloads are fully unlocked and unrestricted.

  • AlterAeonLauncher.exe [Windows]
    This is the most recent Windows version of the official Alter Aeon client.

  • AlterAeon Launcher [MacOSX]
    This is the official Alter Aeon client for Apple Macintosh computers.

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