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Alter Aeon Area Expansion - The Naginag Combine

Louisville, Kentucky -- April 09, 2011 -- The worldbuilders at Alter Aeon ( are pleased to announce the opening of a major addition to the southeast portion of the mainland. The lead builders, Shadowfax and Draak, have spent a number of years constructing the Naginag Combine and its surrounding areas; this addition extends those areas and completes a number of pre-existing storylines.

Below is the official announcement from Shadowfax.

I am proud to announce the opening of the city of West Naginag and its sister area, the village of Ooahu. Usually we open areas with little fanfare, but these areas deserve special mention for a number of reasons.

Just the sheer amount of effort and time that has been put into this project is remarkable. Ten years ago, Draak and I came up the concept of the Naginag Combine. The idea was to build a collection of interrelated areas that were all part of the same empire. We showed Dentin our plans and released the first Combine area in 2002, what is now Draj and Zin. In response to the positive feedback about that area, we scheduled more Combine areas to build. I drew a picture of West Naginag during the summer of 2003. Now, after nearly eight years, it's finally finished.

West Naginag and Ooahu are a lynchpin that tie all of the mainland Combine areas together. We left it for last, but it also took so long to make because I wanted it to be perfect. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the lore, play through engaging quests, or just get some fame, eq or good xp, these areas should have something for everyone.

Once again we push the code to the limit, introducing consumables with custom spells, rechargable wands, mobs that make full use of necromancer abilities, "wearable" objects for your inventory, epic quests that unlock the secrets of the region, and a host of other fun little goodies for your enjoyment.

About Alter Aeon:
Alter Aeon began as a multiplayer text game in early 1995, and has been under active development for more than 16 years. Originally designed as a purely text-based game, Alter Aeon now features a graphical user interface when using the official client, but still retains a fully functional text-only interface for the blind and visually impaired. Blind players can also find a thriving support community for the game, including player-contributed custom clients, scripts, and soundpacks.

About Dentinmud Internet Services:
Dentinmud Internet Services originally started as a hosting company in 1997, providing mail, DNS, web services, and MUD hosting. In 1999, Alter Aeon came under the company umbrella. With the success of Alter Aeon, the company has shifted away from hosting and now focuses exclusively on online game development.



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