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Thieves and rogues get new skills on Alter Aeon

Louisville, Kentucky -- July 26, 2011 -- The world of Alter Aeon ( announces a major update to the Thief class! Several months in the making, this update enhances older skills and adds entire new skill trees to this classic style of play. Major additions include:

  • Updates to the poison brewing and handling skill tree, with the new abilities to poison food and corpses, reduce antidotes, and brew advanced poisons with special effects;

  • A complete new skill tree has been added for shadow skills, with new skills to aid in stealth, combat, and transport;

  • A brand new set of skills for creating and throwing grenades, with several recipes including firebombs, flash bombs, smoke bombs, and stink bombs;

  • New low level skills added to aid in finding safe areas and help escape bad situations when grouping with others;

  • A major update to the lock picking skills, turning it into a more progressive and potentially faster process.

The thief class has traditionally been less focused on combat, instead having a number of unusual skills for avoiding battle and progressing. This update adds a number of new thief combat abilities, but also preserves the tradition of thieves using odd and nontraditional skills to survive. Many of these skills work well in and are intended for group use, making thieves more highly sought after in groups.

Other classes also get minor updates:

  • Necromancer vampires now have a new auto-revive ability;
  • Low level warriors get a new 'cry of victory' skill;
  • Spellcasting requirements are lower at low levels;
  • Damage tweaks and improvements on spells.

Articles and guides detailing the new skills are available on the main web site at

About Alter Aeon:
Alter Aeon began as a multiplayer text game in early 1995, and has been under active development for more than 16 years. Originally designed as a purely text-based game, Alter Aeon now features a graphical user interface when using the official client, but still retains a fully functional text-only interface for the blind and visually impaired. Blind players can also find a thriving support community for the game, including player-contributed custom clients, scripts, and soundpacks.

About Dentinmud Internet Services:
Dentinmud Internet Services originally started as a hosting company in 1997, providing mail, DNS, web services, and MUD hosting. In 1999, Alter Aeon came under the company umbrella. With the success of Alter Aeon, the company has shifted away from hosting and now focuses exclusively on online game development.



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Title: Alter Aeon
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