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Dennis Towne (CEO)
Telephone: +1-716-462-8270

Alter Aeon 16th Anniversary

Louisville, Kentucky -- January 15, 2011 -- Alter Aeon ( is officially 16 years old this weekend, and a number of events have been planned to celebrate:

  • Leveling contests and retro gaming on a fully functional version of Alter Aeon from November of 1995

  • Clan wars throughout the weekend for trophies

  • Arena PK contests for trophies and prizes

  • Exploration contests for all level ranges

In addition, a new feature called 'instancing' has been enabled to help make starting a new character easier and more hassle free. Instanced areas are private zones for a single player or a group of players that other players cannot enter. This eliminates concern about other players taking quest items or killing necessary quest monsters.

About Alter Aeon:
Alter Aeon began as a multiplayer text game in early 1995, and has been under active development for more than 16 years. Originally designed as a purely text-based game, Alter Aeon now features a graphical user interface when using the official client, but still retains a fully functional text-only interface for the blind and visually impaired. Blind players can also find a thriving support community for the game, including player-contributed custom clients, scripts, and soundpacks.

About Dentinmud Internet Services:
Dentinmud Internet Services originally started as a hosting company in 1997, providing mail, DNS, web services, and MUD hosting. In 1999, Alter Aeon came under the company umbrella. With the success of Alter Aeon, the company has shifted away from hosting and now focuses exclusively on online game development.



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Game Information:
Title: Alter Aeon
Type: Freeware online RPG MUD
Platform: Computer game
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac

For more information, please contact Dennis Towne at:

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