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Dennis Towne (CEO)
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Alter Aeon RPG contributes to the new opera, Die Taktik

Portland, Oregon -- June 22, 2012 -- Gameplay sessions from the Alter Aeon MORPG were contributed and incorporated into to the modern opera, "Die Taktik", perfomed during the month of June, 2012 by Oper Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany. This artistic endeavor is another sign of Alter Aeon's international reach and appeal.

"Die Taktik" explores the role of games of all kinds on past, present and future society. Games of all sorts, ranging from chess, to tennis, to modern video games are of central importance to the characters in the story. Video games from the earliest "Pong" to modern MMOs provide a backdrop on multiple screens behind the actors.

"We're honored to be included in this production," says Alter Aeon developer Dennis Towne. "Video games are rapidly becoming a part of modern life, and artistic productions such as this can help us to understand the impact of games on society. The multiplayer aspect of Alter Aeon makes social concerns an important issue for us as game developers."

Information about Die Taktik can be found at the Oper Stuttgart web site, along with photos, press, and other information:

Oper Stuttgart - Die Taktik Web Site
Oper Stuttgart - Die Taktik English Press Release
Oper Stuttgart - Die Taktik Deutsch Press Release

Die Taktik - Alter Aeon Photo 1
Die Taktik - Alter Aeon Photo 2
Die Taktik - Alter Aeon Photo 3
Die Taktik - Alter Aeon Photo 4

About Alter Aeon:
The Alter Aeon game world is a realm of magic and monsters, with five character classes and over 300 spells and skills available to players. There are several hundred quests which detail the world and provide paths for advancement, as well as single player areas for casual gamers and arenas for PvP combat.

Alter Aeon began as a single online server in early 1995, and has been under active development for more than 17 years. Originally designed with a purely text-based interface, it now features a graphical user interface when using the official client, but still retains a fully functional text-only interface for the blind and visually impaired. Freed from the need to produce a fully graphical world, the developers have focused on outstanding gameplay and storylines, creating an extremely large and detailed environment for players of all skill levels.

About DentinMud Internet Services:
DentinMud Internet Services originally started in 1997 as an internet service provider, and in 1999 began focusing exclusively on development of the Alter Aeon MMO. Since then, the company has found a solid niche creating real-time games which both the blind and sighted can play, forming a bridge between two previously isolated gaming communities.

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Title: Alter Aeon
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