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Alter Aeon logo 3000

How to connect to Alter Aeon

Blind and visually impaired players - please see our Blind Support Area instead.

Windows Download - AlterAeonLauncher.exe
This is the official Alter Aeon client, for all versions of Microsoft Windows. Once you've downloaded the client, run it and you're ready to play!

MacOSX Download - AlterAeon Launcher
This is the official Alter Aeon client for Apple Macintosh computers. It is known to work on MacOSX versions 10.6 and higher, and might work on 10.5 depending on your system configuration.

Play From your Browser (Requires Adobe Flash)
If all else fails, you can play from your browser on this page. Keep in mind that this is very limited and a lot of nice features aren't available when playing this way.

For Linux support or other clients, see our list of Alternative Mudding Clients. If you can't download and you're stuck with Windows Telnet, you may want to check out our Telnet Tips and Techniques article. The game address is: 3000

I'm Connected, Now What?

Alter Aeon login screen
The first thing you should see when you are connected is one of our login screens. The next step is to create a new character; creating a new character is very simple, and you can customize your character as you play the game.

To create your character, either click on the buttons or type in answers to the questions. Keep in mind that some of the features in the game can only be accessed by typing commands!

For detailed help on creating a new character, see our New Player Quickstart Guide.

We also have a detailed character creation guide that includes description of the classes and other options you can select when starting out.

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