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Creating a New Character

Once you have a client and are connected to the game, you can create a new character in the world of Alter Aeon. This is a pretty short process, so you'll be logged in and playing in no time!

The steps to creating a new character are:

  • (Optional) If you're blind and using a reader, you may want to enable our 'blind player mode'. This setting makes the game easier for your reader to handle.

  • Pick your starting class. The class you pick will start your character off with some default spells or skills, and will give you good starting stats for that class. You can change your class later on by training if you don't like your initial choices.

    For an overview of the different classes, along with spells and skill lists and guides for each class, see our Alter Aeon Class Overview.

    The six classes are roughly described as follows:

    • Mages have good magical abilities and poor physical attributes. They are able to cast powerful offensive spells and a good many utility spells at low levels. A mage is a powerful weapon, but usually must be protected from harm as they are not physically strong. Mages typically require very high intelligence and wisdom, to allow them to master the complex spells of their trade.

    • Clerics have moderate magical abilities and fair physical attributes. They are able to cast divine spells and heal the injured. A cleric is a good, well rounded class with the ability to heal and protect others. Clerics rely on their high wisdom to cast spells, and on their alignment for maintaining good graces with their gods.

    • Thieves have strong physical abilities, but primarily focus on dexterity, speed, and flexibility instead of brute strength. Thieves usually have high intelligence as well as high dexterity, as they must understand many different kinds of traps and locks, and be smart enough to escape pursuit if needed. There are also sneak attacks that thieves specialize in which can do considerable damage as a first attack.

    • Warriors have strong physical abilities, but focus more on power, strength, and obscure fighting skills that might give them an edge in combat. Warriors often serve as the first line of defense in groups, where they can protect the precious spellcasters from harm in battle.

    • Necromancers are physically weak like mages, but can summon a host of minions to their aid. Necromancers can channel spirits, raise undead, summon demons, and have several styles of animation spells for creating golems.

    • Druids are primarily casters, using a number of spells and skills to control the weather, terrain, animals, and plants. Druids are masters of rune magic, allowing them to craft and enchant. Druids can also use herbs to brew a number of useful tinctures and salves.

    Or, you can choose no class, and decide later. There is no penalty for deciding later.

  • Pick the gender of your character. Being male or female does not affect how powerful you can get or limit your abilities in the game, and it can be changed later using magic.

  • Pick a name for your new character. It's usually a good idea to pick names that make sense for a Dungeons & Dragons type game, and it's also good to keep your name pretty short so that other people can type it easily. A name like 'gandalf' is a good example, except that it's already taken.


  • (Optional) Set an email address. If you want to be able to recover your password later, we need to be able to email you to verify that you're the owner of the character. We only mail password requests to you, and our policy is never to send spam.

  • (Optional) Fill out our new player survey, which is one question: how did you find us? If you don't want to participate, pick '0'.

Finally, you can decide where to begin the game. We recommend new players pick option 1, to begin the Sloe new player Quest. This quest gets you playing the game almost immediately, instead of forcing you to go through a lengthy introductory process.

Congratulations, your character has been created! The next section will go over some basic commands, and show you how to get around in the game.

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