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Nearby Items to Look For

Items and equipment can be found in various places on the game. There are a number of things available for sale in stores and shops, but in most cases powerful items can be had by defeating monsters and finishing quests.

There are a number of good items that can be found in or near the encampment. When you first start, you'll find yourself in a lit tunnel that leads out to the main encampment; make sure you pick up everything (using the 'get all' command) on your way out and use the 'wear all' command to wear everything.

Once you're in the encampment, you may be able to buy something interesting from Lojban, the armorer, but the real goodies can be found in the field:

  • There's a chest along the northern edge of the field that should have a really good ring in it. If you get that, then wait a little while, you can go back and get two of them.

  • There's another chest along the western edge of the field, just south of the bridge into the encampment. That chest has a pair of gloves in it.

  • The shaman in the camp on the south edge of the field has a red cap. And, by killing him you complete the first quest given by Whelan back in the encampment!

  • The nasty little imps that patrol the fields sometimes carry magical items with them, including healing potions and scrolls of identify. You can use these at any time.

Next up is the cave in the middle of the field. The second quest that Whelan gives you is to retrieve a staff from the cave, but there's a lot of other items there that you can also use:

  • The zombies in the cave have good, if slightly disgusting sleeves you can wear.

  • There's another shaman that has the beads of the dead, a necklace for spellcasters.

  • The special quest monster Ahpuch has a nice pair of boots.

  • The skeletons may have red bracers, which are worn on wrist. You can use two of these at once, so be on the lookout for them.

  • Another special monster, Rawbone Gutcarver, has a really good belt you can either use as a weapon or wear.

  • The quest item staff may be useful to you as well, especially if you're a spellcaster. You have to give it to Whelan back at the camp to finish the quest, but after you've done that you can go back and get another one for yourself.

One final thing to note is that good equipment often binds to your character, so that only you can use it. When you no longer have a need for an item, simply 'drop' it and 'sacrifice' it to destroy it.

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