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Alter Aeon Fan Fiction

This page links to various pieces of fan fiction created by Alter Aeon players. If you have stories you'd like to add to this page, just drop Dentin a line in-game to submit them, or email them to soda(at)

We also have an artwork page here for sketches and other Alter Aeon related images.

Stories by Jtai/Pharel

The author of these stories may be contacted at johnnytiger(at) If you like his stories or just have feedback, he'd love to hear from you!

The Origin of Stormblade
A short story about the origin and history of the player Stormblade.

The Adventures of Stormblade - Bloodbath
The downfall of the Djinni.

The Saga of Stormblade, Interlude I - Night Hunt
The first part of the ascent of Stormblade to power.

The Saga of Stormblade, Chapter V - Knight Fall
Stormblade searches for revenge for the murder of his friend Beale.

The Saga of Stormblade, Chapter VII - Innocence Avenged
Final chapter of the Stormblade Saga.

Stories by Beale

This story was posted long ago on the story board in-game. It has been reformatted and reproduced here for all to see.

Evil Beware
A short story about Beale going after kidnappers.

Stories by Dentin

Plans and Portents
(Also known as, 'Being an evil overlord is not always easy')
This story was accidentally written by Dentin while he was trying to come up with ideas for newbie quests on the island of Kordan.

The Impossible Wood Fountain
This story is based off of real people and a real event that happened in the 1997 timeframe.

Stories and Art by Jalin

These stories concern the travels and adventures of Jalin, a high level mage. You can contact the author at Jordiscy(at)

A short story about turning people into amphibians.

Being encased in ice sucks.

From Companions to Lovers
You never know what might happen on the road...

This writer also has artwork on our Alter Aeon Fan Art page!

Stories by Dedshell

This comes from the Alter Aeon Discord server.

Hollow Oath
An unfinished story about a paladin who loses his memory.

Fanworks by Clan Lawful Evil

Clan Lawful Evil hosts fanfics written by its members. Check out their website devoted to fanfiction.

Members of the clan also boast a number of other derivative works. You can find them on the fanworks page of their website.

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