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This player article was written by long-time player Boa, and was posted on Oct 15, 2008. Updated by Dentin, Jan 29, 2011.

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Why mana regen?

Mana regen is one of the most important assets to have in Alter Aeon, for any class combination. Alter Aeon is a multi-classed mud, and even thieves and warriors can improve their skillset using spells. The goal of this article is to help you create the best mana regen set for your character.

Many players, even veterans of Alter Aeon, may not be maximizing their equipment sets for the highest amount of mana regen. Contrary to popular belief, simply stocking up on mana regen gear doesn't always lead to best result. Neither does always sleeping in full cast level. There are several tricks to realizing your optimum regen potential.

What increases mana regen?

There are a number of things that affect or contribute to your total mana regen:
  • mana regen equipment
  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • age
  • mage level
  • necromancer level
  • cleric level
  • druid level
  • resting and sleeping
Note that cast level equipment does NOT change your mana regen. Only your natural mage, cleric, and necromancer levels count. The mage class contributes the most, necromancer the second most, cleric the third most, and druid the least mana regeneration.

One of the most important of these is mana regen equipment - this is because mana regen gives you the same amount of regen all the time, whether resting, sleeping, or standing. A good rule of thumb is to try to get +1 mana regen for each primary level.

If you're a level 10 mage with 15 total levels, a good regen set would have around +10 mana regen in it. If you're a level 20 necromancer with 50 total levels, your regen set should have around +20 mana regen. Keep in mind that these are considered 'good' sets, and it may take you a while to find enough pieces of equipment to get to this point.

Age is another interesting stat, because it increases your mana regen from all factors other than regen equipment. The best age to be for maximum mana regen is between 200 and 250 years old.

The two stats that have the least effect on mana regen are your intelligence and wisdom. While any good regen set will have near-maximum int and wis, these stats are mostly used to fill in gaps or as backup pieces if something isn't available.

Where can I find mana regen equipment?

Most players can create a fair mana regen set simply by looking through the donation rooms, shops, and player stores on the Alter Aeon Web Site. It's also important to identify items you come across, and look for equipment that might improve your mana regen set.

One common mistake that players make when first creating a mana regen set is to ignore low level equipment. Low level equipment is often extremely good for mana regeneration! If you're starting from scratch, a newbie ring with +1 int, +1 wis, and +1 mana regen is quite an improvement. Never discount the power of a full set of newbie regen equipment. It's also worth pointing out that newbie equipment is also usually very cheap.

Finally, don't get discouraged! It takes time to collect a good mana regen set, and for most people it won't happen overnight. If you keep your eyes open and watch for pieces that you can use, you'll have a solid set before you know it.

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