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Alter Aeon logo 3000

Alter Aeon Propaganda and Images

Note - If you're looking for fan art or player drawings, try our Alter Aeon Fan Art page.

This page contains the recommended banner images, ad slogans and other miscellaneous PR/propaganda material for Alter Aeon. If you'd like to link to us, feel free to use the images from here. If you have images you would like added to our image archive, please send them to Dentin at soda(at)

For experiments, test banners, and source images to make your own banners, see our Alter Aeon banner image archive.

Here's a list of the specific sizes we've needed in the past:
  • 728x90 pixels
  • 460x60 pixels
  • 360x72 pixels
  • 250x80 pixels
  • 160x230 pixels
  • 105x160 pixels
  • 150x35 pixels
  • 140x50 pixels
  • 75x24 pixels
Please use only lossless compression for your images when submitting them to us!

Avoid JPEG files if possible, use PNG if it's available. This lets us edit and recompress your images later if there are size limitations.

Recommended Images and Banners

These are banners that are currently in use, or are recommended to be used on new web pages. For other experimental or test banners that didn't make the cut, see our Alter Aeon banner image archive.

728x90 - DClient - Draak


728x90 - DeadWorld - Calina


543x90 - DeadWorld - Calina


480x60 - NecroBlood - Draak


468x60 - FlashTest02 (Adobe Flash Format - Full Setup) - Dentin

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468x60 - FlashTest02 (Adobe Flash Format - Minimal Setup) - Dentin

480x60 - Matrix - Draak


468x60 - Matrix - Dentin, copying Draak


250x80 - Demon Horns and Address - Dentin


105x160 - Just You - Calina


133x100 - AA image block - Dentin


150x35 - AA Buttons - Dentin

logo  logo

140x50 - AA Buttons - Dentin

logo  logo

75x24 - AA Button - Dentin

logo  logo  logo

192x43 - AA Title - Unknown


16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 Demon Horns Icons

logo  logo  logo

Ad Text and Slogans

Some of these might go with your images. If you think you have something better, by all means, make use of it!

  • Since 1995, Alter Aeon
    has been open to all
    players, and has been
    continuously updated.

    Whether exploring the
    world and completing
    quests, grouping with
    friends or competing
    against other players,
    there's something here
    for everyone.

  • Not everyone can be a Hero.
    Just you.
    Alter Aeon -

  • 90% of new muds fail in the first year
    Alter Aeon
    Open continuously since 1995.

  • 500,000 gold piece bounty for:
    Lux, the Red Dragon
    Alter Aeon 3000
  • A new Aeon in MUD development.

  • Dragonslayer Wanted.
    Apply Inside.

  • A free online role playing game set
    in a world of dragons and sorcery.

  • A free text RPG set in a world
    of dragons and sorcery.

  • A well established, easy to
    learn MUD, free for all players

  • New to MUDs? Start an adventure
    right away with us!

  • A custom fantasy mud continuously
    in operation since 1995.

  • A free online role playing game set
    in a world of dragons and sorcery.

Places to vote for AA

Check our Alter Aeon Voting Page for links and descriptions of places to vote for AA.

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