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This article was written by the god Morpheus, and posted on Nov 20, 2009.
It was updated by Shadowfax on May 23, 2014.

Other Ailments

Other ailments you may encounter include:


What you see:
  • You are drowning!
  • You struggle for air but find none!
Should you find yourself underwater without a means of breathing, you will immediately begin to lose health until you drown. Learning the swimming skill will help prevent drowning.

The cure:
  • Cast 'water breathing', drink a 'gills' tincture, or use a piece of equipment that gives you either of those two spells.


What you see:
  • You feel drunk.
Potions (usually alcoholic drinks) that will cause drunkenness can be identified as such when statted. Drunkenness will cause you experience strange sensations, slur your speech and distort the speech of others. After you sober up, you will experience a hangover. A higher strength or constitution will lessen the effects, as will being younger.

The cures:
  • Being drunk can be cured with the brew-only 'clear thinking' spell (although the hangover cannot).
  • The surest way to avoid the effects of drunkenness is to not drink.

Exhaustion - Out of Movement

What you see:
  • You are too exhausted.

Fatigue is quickly and easily recovered in several different ways. Refresh spells can be found on a variety of magical items, and can be easily brewed as well.

The cures:
  • Rest or sit to recover movement faster than when standing.
  • If you're in a safe area, sleep to recover movement the most quickly.
  • Use the refresh or rejuvenate spell, whether by magical item or simply casting it.
  • Use the area refresh spell, which can refresh an entire group.

Low Strength

What you see:
  • You find yourself too weak to...

This can happen several different ways:
  • Negative strength on a piece of equipment.
  • A strength spell has worn off.
  • You have been chilled.
  • You have been weakened.

The cures for negative strength on equipment:
  • Cast the 'strength' spell.
  • Boost your strength with other equipment to compensate.
  • Replace equipment with negative strength with something else.

The cures for your strength spell running out:
  • Recast the 'strength' spell.
  • Boost your strength with other equipment to compensate.

The cures for chill touch and weaken:
  • Cast undo to remove it.
  • Dispel yourself.
  • Sleep or let it wear off.
  • Cast the 'strength' spell to compensate.
  • Boost your strength with equipment to compensate.


What you see:
  • You feel sick.
  • You feel really sick.
  • You have been poisoned!

Note that neither dispel magic nor undo will remove the effects of poisoning. You will eventually recover from poison on your own, but it can take a long time if you're heavily poisoned. Sometimes poisons have secondary effects that lower stats or make it hard to breathe. Saving poison, such as that provided by the 'slow poison' spell, will reduce the effectiveness of poison on you. The 'venomstop' tincture will not prevent you from becoming poisoned, but it will stave off the effects of that poison until it wears off.

The cures:
  • Cast the spell remove poison or cure poison.
  • Brewing either, 'cure poison', 'draw poison', or 'remove poison'.
  • Use a potion, scroll, or wand one of these these spells on it.
  • The brew poison antidote skill. Note that you will need advanced antidotes in order to counter any secondary poison effects.
  • Sleep it off. You won't die from the poison itself, but it will reduce your hit points to a very small amount, leaving you vulnerable.

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