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The Players of Alter Aeon

This page has been discontinued, and as links decay they will be removed. The current place to get player information is through the Alter Aeon Web Interface, specifically the player lookup page or the current who listings.

Slamin (Immortal)
Slamin was a high level player and builder for several years, and put together a small web site with tips and articles for players. A copy of his site can be found here, hosted on the main Alter Aeon web site.

Gorath (Immortal)
Gorath's page has moved, if you know where, please let us know.

Sauron (Immortal)
Another of the most powerful mortals in existance, Sauron spent many years with us before moving on. He still makes his face known from time to time, however, and is welcome any time.

Draco has been around since late 1995, and is an accomplished mortal as well as a high ranking god.

Dav was an old player who helped create and maintain the second version of the Alter Aeon web site in the late 1990's.

Cyanide is one of the administrators of our sister mud, Banished Lands, as well as a high ranking admin on Alter Aeon.

Kamdar (Builder)
Kamdar first found Alter Aeon while at Utah State University. Shortly therafter, his grades dropped. Coincidence? We hope so...

Druid is a wonderfully helpful Brit with a big heart and an even bigger character. He can be found helping newbies at many odd hours of the day, despite the high cost of european internet access.

Kenai (Archived)
Kenai has character - a lot of it. Great guy in real life, but not the kind of guy you want to have loading pit fiends in the temple.

Vember (Immortal)
Vember is a high level sweetheart who contributed greatly to the mud in its early days. She still logs on occasionally, but other factors prevent her from spending as much time on the mud as she used to.

Pinky (Builder)
When she isn't stressing about school or plotting to take over the world with Brain, she lurks on Alter Aeon and works on new areas.

Wor and Malcolm are also top mortals, with Malcolm being one of the most accomplished, fair, and respected player killers on the game.

Dagger was one of the original founders of dragon, one of the oldest clans in existance.

Laud's page is also missing, so be sure to tell us if you see it.

I don't remember enough about this character to write a sane entry. He must have been cool to get a mention here though.

Heart (Immortal)
Heart is one of only three remaining members of the original cast who worked on Alter Aeon. He currently spends most his time courting women, but somehow still manages to get significant portions of the undead city up and running.

Andres is a relative newcomer, who spends a lot of time playing and helping make the game more enjoyable for other people. He also watches wrestling, so that makes him ok in our book.

Steve probably saw the glowing descriptions of the other players and wanted to be included. Don't you?

Lynx is half of the current rebel mortal team that revamped the Alter site. He does most of the small updating, deleting of broken links, etc.

Tubalcain is the other half of the team that redid the site. He does all of the major code changes, design changes, etc. Anything you especially like or don't like? email him here.

Asheran The Mage
Asheran has been playing for quite a while, and currently has 4 characters, one of which is a level 25 mage.

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