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Alter Aeon Features

Alter Aeon is a Diku-like multi-class MUD written entirely from scratch. It has a huge world of over thirty thousand rooms, and has been open to all comers since 1995. There's usually between twenty and one hundred players logged in at a time. Player killing is optional, and several options are available to let all players participate if they wish. The equipment, spells and skills are well balanced.

The six character classes are thief, warrior, mage, cleric, necromancer, and druid, with a maximum level of 36 in each class. The theme is based loosely on dungeons and dragons, with magic, swords, castles, monsters, and dragons.

Our address is:
Alter Aeon, port 3000


- No mud school! Your character jumps right into the action, learning to use equipment, fight and cast spells right from the get-go. Game commands are simple and intuitive.

- There are several arenas for temporary player killing. The majority of the mud is not pkill, but there are options available for those who enjoy pkilling.

- A fairly advanced practicing system, with spell books and training manuals to get certain skills and spells. Some skills and spells can be learned only at specialized trainers scattered far from the home town.

- Level in any class you want any time you want, if you have the experience to do so. You do not need to be locked into a single class, and can customize your character to have the skills and spells you want.

- Extensive clan code. Clan members get a clan channel and customized equipment, and clan elders are given the ability to alter the clan area. Only minimal god intervention is required to set up the clan.

- A very good help file system with search routines for specific topics.

- Color that highlights what you need to see, not everything on the mud. Color can also be used by players in their descriptions and titles.

- Spam filters for removing group and fighting spam at the source, for those of you with weak links. There are four levels of spam filtering, the strongest of which is ideal for use in large groups.

- Aliasing and command stacking - not that original, but a lot of muds don't have it. You can alias common commands to a few keystrokes, and can put multiple commands on a single line by separating commands with a semicolon ';'.

Non-standard Features

- Room currents and falling through the air. You can go for a nice, pleasant trip floating down the chaos river, or you can do a five hundred foot cannonball off the stone giants' bridge in high in the Ash mountains.

- Ability to enter containers and hide inside them. Go take a bath in the Ralnoth central fountain if you like.

- Ability to pick up small mobs and other characters. Carry your friends or pets in your inventory. That black cat been following you around bringing you bad luck? Pick it up, put it in a sack, and close the sack before it can escape.

- Brewing code. Brew potions with spell components and herbs. The spells obtained are determined by the ingredients you use. Use the potion lore skill to help determine what makes what and how often.

- A turn undead skill for clerics that can help you protect your group. It can be targeted at a single undead to increase strength, or at groups of undead to hold them at bay.

- Like to swim? It may not be as fast as flying over water, but it can save the adventurer from having to carry around a heavy boat.

On-Line Building

- Full on line building. None of this OLC crap... we have usable, stable, virtually crashproof building capabilities.

- An object composite system for screening powerful equipment.

- Extensive door code, with a great many settable strings and flags. Ever make an unopenable transparent door named "window" before?

- Lots of things to set on mobs, from corpse eating flags to object loading on death.

- Good zoning code to keep others from screwing with your area.

- Many different types of special procedures and mob flags which can be set from inside the mud.

Game Size

- Over 400 non-stock areas, with only three common Merc area imports. There are over 36000 rooms, with more on the way from the builders port. On average, there are over 20000 creatures and 25000 items on the game at any given time.

- Moderate user load. We average between 50 and 75 players, with peaks of around 100.

- Dedicated machine, with lots of memory and disk space. Low-level playerfiles are kept between 8 and 10 months, just in case you lose access for a long period of time. High-level players are never erased.

- No rent, just save and quit.

- Stability. We have been up for over nineteen years now, and have no intention of shutting down or doing a pfile wipe. We have players who still actively play characters created in 1995. We also suffer from very few crashes - the code is stable.


Alter Aeon may not be the biggest mud out there, but our staff is dedicated and we will be around for many years to come. Comments and suggestions are welcome, either as postings on boards in the game, or by mailing to the adminstrative staff at: soda (at)

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