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The Island of Archais (Levels 15 - 29)

Archais is the easternmost of three large islands linked together by an incredibly ancient portal system. It is home to two major cities, with Gad's Landing on the western coast, and Dragon Tooth to the east. A large mountain, likely an extinct volcano, resides in the center of the island, and the northern portion of the landscape is strangely flat an swampy.

Archais was discovered by the mage Gad Addlebrook several centuries ago as the result of an impressively failed teleport spell. The town of Gad's Landing marks approximately where the mage found himself after regaining consciousness.

All three islands are known to be west of the main continent of Alter Aeon. The exact location of any of the islands remains undetermined - no ship sailing west from the mainland has ever found any of the islands, while ships sailing from the islands have never found any of the other islands or the mainland. The distances between the islands appear to be so great that even magical location spells are only able to provide an approximate direction, and give no hint as to distance beyond "really, really far away".

This trade route is geographically correct, but focuses more on roads and rivers than general area layout. For clarity, only general regions and well known landmarks are labeled.
Area Map of the Island of Archais

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