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Halloween Havoc! - Oct 31, 2009

This event started out with several mob hunts, and ended with 3 arena pk battles for the victory party. The event was run by the god Morpheus, with assistance from Taran, Draak, and others.

Last year, several hundred pumpkins were ported throughout the world. Each pumpkin contained a variety of different treasures. Players ransacked them, quickly discarded them and were off to find the next one.

Later, it was discovered that a mad necromancer known only as Murderface had reanimated a large number of the pumpkins. For this Halloween, he vowed that the pumpkins would get revenge, and unleashed them upon the world!

Many brave players were put on the defensive by these killer pumpkinheads, but in the end the pumpkins were defeated and sent to their final resting place.

The Pumpkinhead Hunts

At around 2pm game time, approximately 15 pumpkinhead mobs were released on each of the three newbie islands. Another 150 began teleporting all over the mud.

The prizes:

  • An arm/leg piece that always randomed.

  • A quest with gold and experience.

The quest was repeatable up to 5 times, to allow players to hunt down several pumpkins and get rewards for each. About 40 players participated in this stage.

At around 5pm game time, the second wave of pumpkinheads began appearing all over the world. For this stage, another 40 to 45 people participated.

At 8pm the last and final wave was released, and was quickly defeated. His final assault a failure, Murderface vanished saying only that he would be back...

The Arena Battles

At 10pm began the final event, Halloween Havoc. As a victory party for the participants of the pumpkinhead hunts, the gods set up a special PK arena to allow players to safely battle to near death.

A number of unusual things were present in the arena, including potions, dark rooms, unusual regen and various levels of support for spellcasting. There were also pumpkins on the ground throughout the arena; picking up a pumpkin gave players a quest marking them as a participant.

Contests were held for three different level ranges, to allow high level players and low level players to compete on their own turf. The victor was the last player standing. Each that entered received a quest, some experience and 25k gold.

The last combatant standing in each arena received 125k gold, some experience and a special quest. They were also given a special, heavily enchanted piece of equipment, created personally by the god Dentin.

Arena 1 - Last Man Standing!

The first arena match was total level 111 and up, and 6 extremely high level players competed. It was an up and down battle and was really close at times, but eventually Bser came out on top.

Arena 1 winner: Bser

Player:  Bser      Total: 124
Levels:  Mage: 32  Cleric: 33  Thief: 33  Warrior: 26
Ppk deaths:       29 low,   42 mid,   12 high
Ppk Kills:       297 low,   31 mid,    3 high
Temp pk deaths:    353
Temp pk kills:    1475
Recent arena wins:  32/61

Arena 2 - Last Man Standing!

The second arena match was for players in the total level 81 to 110 range. Around a dozen players participated. One player, Horo, attempted to bring in golems to assist. While not strictly against the rules, this was against the spirit of the match; it was decided to destroy the golems and allow Horo to participate. Even so, Horo was victorious at the end.

Arena 2 winner: Horo

Player:  Horo      Total: 109
Levels:  Mage: 30  Cleric: 21  Thief: 31  Warrior: 27
Temp pk deaths:     69
Temp pk kills:      28
Recent arena wins:   0/5
There should be an honorable mention for the player Cow, who was on a bloody rampage. At one point he nearly blew himself up, but eventually he was backstabbed and defeated by Horo.

Arena 3 - Last Man Standing!

The final arena match was for low levels players, up to 80 total levels. There were only 6 players in this contest. Low level arena matches are always interesting due to the differences in skill level, playing styles, and resources; this match was no exception.

Arena 3 winner: Etri
Player:  Etri      Total:  73
Levels:  Mage: 15  Cleric: 27  Thief: 11  Warrior: 20
Temp pk deaths:      0
Temp pk kills:       3
Arena battles:  (none)

Dishonorable Mention

One arena participant, Pakufax, was defeated early in the second arena match. After losing, he threw a childish tantrum and had to be temporarily removed from the game to cool down. His dishonorable actions and blatant disregard for other players has earned him great disfavor with the gods, and a special mention here.

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