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Leaping Leprechauns - Mar 14, 2009

How good ye think ye are?

Think ye be fast enough to find and catch a leprechaun?

If ye be feelin lucky then come join us on March 14th, 2009 at 7pm game time. Then see if ye can catch me and get me pot o' gold or one of me other treasures!

Event Setup

The event was scheduled for and started at 7:00 PM CST. The event ran until approximately 9:30 pm, with over fifty people participating.

At 7pm, nearly 200 leprechauns were set free upon the land by Morpheus. The majority of these teleported to random locations, and would teleport again if they were not found by players. Another 20 or so low level leprechauns were released onto the newbie islands to allow low level players a chance at capturing a leprechaun as well.

The prizes for capturing a leprechaun depended on the leprechaun, and included:
  • 2500 gold
  • 10k gold
  • 50k gold
  • four leaf clovers that cast level 40 enhancement
  • Blarney stones that cast level 40 regeneration
  • lucky horse shoes that cast level 40 restoration
  • mysterious random rings no two of which are alike
There was a minor hitch in this event, as the code to create the random rings did not trigger as expected. Morpheus and Dentin handled this by trading the untriggered rings for proper random rings. Some of these turned out to be quite powerful.

The event ended at 9:30 and the last of the leprechauns was recalled by Morpheus to plan for next year.

Quest Winners

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